Setting your Home and Blog pages

Basic Setup

By default, WordPress will display your “Posts” for others to view on the home page of your site. When using it as a Content Management system (CMS) you may want to change where you want the posts to be output. You can set both of these right from the main Theme Options.


Make your homepage the blog

If you want to have the home page default to your blog then you don’t need to select anything from the Frontpage Settings dropdown. All of your posts will automatically show on your home page. You can set the number of posts to show from your WordPress Settings>Reading page.

Set a Page as your Homepage

Use the dropdown to select any previously created page as your homepage instead of showing blog posts. Once you’ve saved these settings you can visit your site and you will see a static page instead of blog posts. You then have the choice of choosing a specific page to automatically output your blog posts just like the front page would be default.

Choose the layout of your Blog Page

Enfold lets you choose a number of options for how your Blog and posts will look throughout your site. All options are in the theme options “Blog Layout” tab.