Backup Theme Settings


You may have spent some time customising and styling the theme elements like header style, colors, content style, fonts and many other options. Enfold theme options can be exported or imported very easily from the Import/Export tab.

Export/Backup Settings: Go to Enfold > Import/Export tab.

Note: After importing the theme settings file, if you do not notice changes, please clear the cache and make a small change in the theme options by changing the font size or color and save the settings and hard refresh your page.

Continue reading and we will show you how to back up your theme settings and import it whenever necessary.

Import Parent theme settings

If your site was running on Enfold theme without a child theme and at some point, down the line, you decide to add some modifications and wish to install a Child theme, it is very easy to import the main theme settings without having to redo all the changes again.

Go to Enfold > Import/Export > Import Parent Theme Settings.

Export theme settings

Let’s start by exporting the theme settings file from Enfold > Import/Export > Export Theme Settings File

When the theme settings are exported, all theme options including the custom CSS code in the Quick CSS area are captured in one go and stored in an encrypted text file which you can save on your local computer as a backup and use it to import if required in the future or by mistake if you ever reset the theme settings you can revert back in a click of a button instead of starting from scratch to setup your theme options.

Exporting the theme files is simeple and straight forward.

Import theme settings

With the Enfold v4.6.4 and up you can now customize and import the theme setting for each options tab in the ebfold options like header settings, footer settings, menu, general settings etc.

Method 1: Import a snapshot of the previously saved settings.

When a theme settings file is imported the current settings will be overwrtten to what it was at the time of exporting the theme settings file.

Note: The custom CSS in Quick CSS will be replaced with the CSS code which was present at the time of exporting the settings file. Before you import any settings please take a backup of your custom CSS in Enfold > General Styling > Quick CSS.

Method 2:  Import specific theme settings

Import specific theme options like Header, Footer or any combination of theme option tabs.

To import specific theme settings like Main Menu, Header, Footer etc go to Enfold > Import/Export and select “Filter Import of Theme Settings File” this will activate all the options avaiable to import Hold down the Ctrl(Windows) or the Options key(Mac) to select multiple options and upload the theme settings file which you had exported earlier.

You can also import specific settings from a different site using the Enfold theme v 6.4.6 or higher.

Save Quick CSS

When ever you import theme settings by default your current Quick CSS code will be replaced with the Quick CSS code at the time of exporting the theme settings. If you like to preserver your current Quick CSS as is and do now wish to import and replace the Quick CSS at the time of exporting the theme settings please go ahead and select the options “Keep Quick CSS”.

Reset Selected Options in your theme

In Enfold v4.6.4 and higher you can now reset specific theme optiosn tabs like the Header, General Settings, Footer, etc. To reset a specific theme option please go to Enfold > Import/Export > Select Theme Options To Reset > Select Theme Options Tabs To Reset.

Note: To select multiple options in the “Select Theme Options Tabs To Reset” please hold down the Ctrl key in windows or the Options key in mac and click on the options.


With 4.6.4 Enfold offers additional options to filter import of theme options settings from uploaded files. added filter ‘avf_settings_import_filter_array’: customize filters for import theme settings.

If you need to customize / limit what data is imported you can create your own custom buttons:

For example: