How to Import/Export custom post types


Enfold uses custom fields to store the template builder data. it’s really easy to add these fields to the export/import file using a plugin like WP Import/Export All


  • Go to All Export > New Export on the admin page and select the post type you would like to export (i.e. “Pages”).
  • Click “Customize Export File”
  • On the next page select “All Custom Fields” and “All Other” cards from the tabs and to drag and drop these cards to the left area. ( Because by default the plugins will not export/import custom fields ).
  • After you added all required fields to the left area click on “Continue” and then click “Confirm & Run Export” button.
  • Once the export process finishes click the “Bundle” to download the export files.
  • The “Bundle” also contains a configuration file which automatically configures the import script if you want to import the data on another website/server.


  • To import the “Bundle” go to “All Import” > “New Import” on the WordPress admin page.
  • Select the “Upload a file” button. The “Bundle” configuration file will automatically select the right post type for you and you just need to click on the “Continue to Step 2” button.
  • You can ignore the next settings page and click on the “Continue to Step 3” button.
  • On the next page, you’ll notice that the “Custom Fields” tab at the bottom is already configured and contains the custom fields you exported before.
  • Check if necessary fields are configured, then click on “Continue to Step 4”.
  • On the next page click on “Continue”, then “Confirm & Run Import” and the import process will start.

That’s it – you successfully exported/imported your entries including the Enfold template builder data.