Creating new Portfolio Items

When you install and use Enfold you have access to a new Custom Post Type for displaying Portfolio items. It isn’t strictly for Portfolio data but that is the general design and how other elements within the theme are set to handle the single portfolio items made with it.

Adding a Portfolio item works just like adding a post or page. Your portfolio categories can be hierarchical with Parent->Child relationships and each portfolio item can also have tags added to it like a post. Once you have some portfolio items created you then output portfolios on your pages using either shortcodes or using the Advanced Layout Builder Portfolio elements.

Creating a Portfolio Item

From the left menu click on Portfolio Items and then Add New to create your own Portfolio item. Now add your title and jump in to adding in your content. You can use the blue Advanced Layout Editor button to turn on the Advanced Layout Builder and create a completely custom layout for each content area of your portfolio items.



Just like on a page you can choose to have a sidebar, page title and breadcrumbs showing and footer/socket settings all from the Layout Meta box on the right hand side of the visual editor.

The Featured Image meta box just below the Layout meta box is where you will set the main single image to represent your portfolio item in the Portfolio grid and other outputs. So make sure to set that with an image larger than 700×700 pixels for the most flexibility.



Additional Portfolio Item Settings

Just below the visual editor section is the Additional Portfolio Settings meta box with some additional single portfolio item options. The first option “Overwrite Portfolio Link Setting” will let you change the default action of a user clicking on that item in a portfolio grid. By default, the item will open in a lighbox: larger size of your featured image zoomed in with a black background over the page content. By selecting “Define custom link” you can instead make the image link to a custom page url of your choice.


Ajax Portfolio Settings

Within the Additional Portfolio Settings meta box are the options for the Ajax portfolio view of that single portfolio item. See an ajax portfolio demo here:

The Ajax view is more limited in layout than what you can do with the single page view. The image(s) will be displayed on the left and the visual editor content on the right. Add your images using the “Add Preview Images” button, choose the display style from the “Display Preview Images” dropdown and if needed the number of columns for the thumbnails.


Then add in the content you want to appear on the right of the image(s) and publish!