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How to translate pages built with Enfold using WPML

Enfold is fully compatible with WPML and you can use WPML to turn your site into a multilingual one in minutes. You can check out video tutorial below or head over to WPML documentation for more in depth instructions and start translating your site right away!   The tutorial video shows an easy way to […]

Enfold Changelog

With each update we add new features, bug fixes and improvements to Enfold.You can find more details about features and updated files/folders below. Changelog will be updated as we release new versions of Enfold. Enfold changelog 2018 February 21st – Version 4.2.4 – style.css – new version number – fixed: base colors when activating the […]

Color section with 100% container

Even though Color Section element is a fullwidth element, its container width will be limited to “Maximum Container width” that you set in Enfold theme options > General Layout > Dimensions. You may want to display Color Section element with fullwidth container for plugin shorcodes or to display ALB elements fullwidth. Please add Color Section […]

Display footer menu / scroll to top button on mobile

By default, footer menu and scroll to top button are disabled on mobile to save space. Also, since mobile browsers scroll to top automatically when top of the browser tapped, we think, scroll to top button will not be needed. You can, however, choose to display both elements by using custom CSS code. Please add […]

Remove image titles that show up when you hover on images

When you hover on images, their title (“Single Portfolio: 2/3 Gallery” in example below) would show up. It is a browser feature but it is possible to hide them by adding following code to Functions.php file of your child theme in Appearance > Editor function remove_title_attr(){ ?> <script> jQuery(window).load(function(){ jQuery(‘#wrap_all a’).removeAttr(‘title’); jQuery(‘#wrap_all img’).removeAttr(‘title’); }); </script> […]

Hide menu items/elements on mobile

You may want to hide certain menu items/elements on mobile to save some space and have more minimal look. To hide certain menu items on mobile, please go to Appearance > Menu and then check “Screen options” on the top right side and then check “CSS Classes”. After that, new field will appear under your […]

Switching to mobile menu on higher resolutions

By default, Enfold displays mobile menu on screens smaller than 768px. You can go to Enfold theme options > Main Menu > Menu Items for mobile and choose to display mobile menu on Smartphones and tablets (990px): Either way, desktop menu will be displayed on landscape mode on tablets. You can add following code to Quick […]

Add subtext to logo / replace logo with site title

You can add subtext to your logo by adding following code to Functions.php file of your child theme in Appearance > Editor add_filter(‘avf_logo_subtext’, ‘kriesi_logo_addition’); function kriesi_logo_addition($sub) { $sub .= “Company Name”; return $sub; } If you would like to wrap your subtext in a H1 tag, you can change the code to following one add_filter(‘avf_logo_subtext’, […]

Menu overlaps logo on tablets

Depending on your menu item quantity and logo size, your menu may overlap your menu items on tablets. To avoid that, please firstly make sure that you chose to display mobile menu on Smartphones and tablets. You can check it in Enfold theme options > Main Menu > Menu Items for mobile: It should help […]

Use a different logo on mobile

If you would like to display a different logo on mobile, please add following code to Functions.php file in Appearance > Editor add_filter(‘avf_logo’,’av_change_logo’); function av_change_logo($logo) { if(wp_is_mobile() ) { $logo = “http://www.kriesi.at/wp-content/themes/kriesi/images/logo.png”; } return $logo; }

Inserting breadcrumbs as shortcode

Please go to Appearance > Editor and open functions-enfold.php file and add following code right after closing of ‘//advanced title + breadcrumb function’ function add_shortcode( ‘bread_crumb’, ‘avia_title’ ); Then add breadcrumbs using following shortcode [bread_crumb] then open Enfold/template-builder.php file and comment out 19th line as following //check if we want to display breadcumb and title […]