Using a Child Theme

Why use a Child Theme?

A Child Theme sits on top of Enfold so that you can give it your own custom name, thumbnail image in the admin, and safely get into more advanced customization without the risk of a theme update writing over your work. We’ve prepared a child theme for you that will automatically load the Enfold theme as its parent.



Download a pre-built child theme here: Child Theme Download

You can also follow along with the video to build your own

Moving to a Child Theme

If you have already set up things with the regular Enfold theme and have decided to move to a child theme WordPress will register that you are using a different theme which means a whole different set of theme options. To make things easier, we’ve added in a way to import the options from the Enfold Parent theme right into the child theme.

Once you’ve activated your Enfold Child Theme go to the Import/Export tab and you’ll have a new option to “Import Settings from your Parent Theme“. Once clicked, it will work run for a moment while it imports the data. When the page refreshes your parent settings will replace the default theme settings.


Now you’ll need to re-set your menu options and any other WordPress theme specific options that are tied to which theme you are using. Even though you are technically still using the same parent theme (with the same options), WordPress sees using a child theme as different than the parent.