Translating the portfolio slug with WPML

Since Enfold 2.4.4 we use the _x() function to translate the portfolio post type slugs. It’s the default (and recommended) solution to translate post type slugs with WPML. Please note that you must install the String Translation extension first – otherwise you can’t translate the slug(s).

After you installed both plugins and Enfold go to the WordPress Dashboard (admin screen) and select “WPML” > “Translation options” from the sidebar menu. A new option page will load – search for the “Translate custom posts slugs (via WPML String Translation).” checkbox and tick it (=activate this setting). Then click the blue “Save” button.

Afterwards search for the “Custom post types” option field on the same option page. It will look like:


Note that you need to tick the checkbox below “Portfolio Items” – otherwise you won’t see the slug translation options for the post type. WPML enables you to translate the slug for each registered language except the standard language. Enter your custom text/translation into the text field(s) and then save the settings.

Eventually select “Settings” > “Permalinks” from the sidebar menu. You’ll notice a “Portfolio Entry Settings” section near the bottom of the permalink option page which enables you to change the slug for the standard language. By default the “Portfolio Items Base” option is set to “portfolio-item” and the “Portfolio Categories Base” is set to “portfolio_entries”. You can replace the default values with some custom text – however you must not use special characters or spaces.

Last but not least save the permalink settings by clicking the “Save Changes” button. Please save the permalink settings even if you didn’t change the default slug rules because the saving process forces WordPress to clear/flush the slug rewrites rules.