My Enfold Layout Builder is not loading properly

The Advanced Layout Builder sometimes stops loading properly due to different factors like browser caching. Here are a few things you could try to fix it:

  • First of all, make sure that you are running the latest version of the theme – you can find out what the latest version is here
  • Clear your browser cache and restart  – Guide to clearing your browser cache
  • Try a different browser to verify if you are getting cached results or not – preferably a browser you have never used to log into the WordPress installation in question with before. If it works as expected in this browser, then you are getting cached results in the first one
  • Disable all plugins to see if there is a conflict with any of them – if there is a conflict, you can reactivate them one by one to find out which one is causing the problem
  • If none of the above should work, then try to overwrite your theme files with a fresh copy from your Themeforest account – Please make sure to properly back your site up prior to attempting this. Refer to this guide for further instruction on updating via FTP.

Still not working? Please open a new ticket in the support forum with admin login details for your installation supplied in private, and we’ll have a closer look at if for you. 

More information about Enfold and how to update it in THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO UPDATING ENFOLD