Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions and answers can be browsed through below. If you don’t see your question first try searching the docs site and if you still have questions you can find our support team ready to help at

How do I install the theme?

Installation is just like any other WordPress theme that isn’t available in the WordPress directory. You can either upload the from your downloads on ThemeForest after purchase or upload the unzipped theme files to your WordPress Themes folder over FTP.

View the full support page and video here:

How do I Update?

Since version 2.0 of Enfold you can update the theme files directly from your WordPress backend. You can also re-upload the theme like you first installed it.

For more information see:

How do I change the footer Copyright and Kriesi link?

What is a Child Theme and how do I use one?

A child theme is how WordPress allows you to add code or customization to a “parent” theme without actually modifying that parent theme. We recommend everyone use a child theme when setting up their site and have both a video walk-through on how to create your own and a pre-built one you can download and use right away.


Download the child theme right now from here: Enfold Child Theme

How can I show the sidebar on Mobile devices?

Go to the theme options and in the Sidebar tab there is an option to show or hide the sidebar called “Sidebar on Smartphones“. Click the box and then save to show the sidebars on mobile devices.

For more details see:

How can I change the colors, fonts, and styles?

The Enfold theme has two main ways in which you can customize the look and feel of your site. The first you might be familiar with from using the Enfold Theme Demo which lets you use the styleswitcher. Those same styles are available from the theme options in the General Styling tab. There you can change the colors, fonts, backgrounds, box or stretched layout.

For more individual styling there is the Advanced Styling tab of the theme options. This lets you select individual elements to style on top of the overall site wide styles.


Where can I see the details of each theme update?

Each theme update will be uploaded to the Envato/ThemeForest servers for re-distribution. The package includes the change log which you can view on the ThemeForest page for Enfold and at this link:

The full package download (which includes the PSDs, License, etc) also contains a version.txt file with the details as well which you can download from your Downloads on ThemeForest.

How do I set up my Home page and Blog page?

The Enfold Theme allows you to set a static home page and a defined Blog page right from the main Enfold Theme options. For a more detailed guide see:

How do I setup the Shop?

The “Shop” on the Enfold Demo site, and what the theme supports for ecommerce, is WooCommerce. You will need to install that plugin in order for the Shop elements in the Avia Layout Builder to show up.

We have a video guide on getting started with WooCommerce available for you as well:

Frequently Asked Troubleshooting Questions

Sometimes things don’t work the way we want them to on the first try. So we hope the following frequently run into questions and the provided answer help. You can also try following our Troubleshooting Guide for general first-steps on issues not shown below.

Why wont the theme install?

The most common issue when the theme wont install is in making sure you are only uploading the file to your WordPress installation. From your downloads on ThemeForest select the “Installable WordPress file only” link which is the zip to be uploaded.

In just about every other instance you can upload and install the Enfold theme by following the video on this page which is the most reliable method of Theme Installation when using WordPress:

Email for Theme Update received but no WordPress notification yet

Since Enfold version 2.0 the Enfold theme has integrated in the Envato/ThemeForest update api to allow users to update their theme right from the WordPress dashboard. The code will check for an update every 12 hours which means there can be a delay on when your site knows about the update and when you received email notification of the update.

You can either update manually right away over FTP or wait for the script on your site to find out about the update.

Why doesn’t my demo data import look identical to the Enfold Demo?

The dummy data import option from the Import/Export tab of the theme options is not an exact copy of the theme demo but one that is very close. Some of the images and video are not allowed to be redistributed and so it isn’t included.

With each feature update the dummy data is updated to include an example of the new feature(s) and we will continue to update the online documentation with examples and how-tos. Any other element or page not included we can assist in re-creating through the support forums.