Custom CSS and Quick CSS

One of the great things about creating your own WordPress based site is the ability to customize it. To make that a bit easier we have two main methods for adding in your own custom css to the theme so that it gets added in after the theme css.

Quick CSS

From the theme options you can go to the Styling tab and find the Quick CSS field. Any CSS you add to the field here will get saved into the dynamic css file that the styling options above get saved to in your uploads>dynamic_avia>enfold.css file.


For your larger css changes you will want to look into either a child theme or the custom.css file.

Custom CSS file

Inside the theme files you can find the custom.css file inside the css folder. Within it we’ve added a bit of formatting to help make your customization a bit quicker: General CSS, Desktop Styles, and Mobile Styles. These three sections allow you to add in css that will either effect all viewports or just the Desktop view/Mobile view.

If you aren’t familiar with media queries we recommend this article from Chris Coyier at CSS Tricks: