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    Ok thanks.

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    Hi again, I’m doing quite a bit of work with ADA compliance for several clients right now so I’ve become aware of some of the issues. Every time there is a button that someone would insert or any action that needs to get taken by the user to create an event. WGAC 2.1 standards do not consider “onClick” to be passable. They are asking developers to use ‘onKeyDown’. I would like to keep using your theme (and i wish you guys would just come up with a bulk discount) but I may need to switch if a lot of your button actions etc. are using ‘onClick’ because lawsuits are cropping up everywhere on this ADA compliance stuff.

    Let me know if that’s something they tend to adjust.


    in reply to: Enfold disregards stylesheet #1305703

    I found a way to solve it. There is a setting under theme options which forces the stylesheets to be combined. I turned that off and now it’s working. Thx.

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    No, there is no widget there.

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    Just more info. I have a child theme and I created a functions.php inside the child theme and placed the code there (below). Do I need to close the the tag at the end or something? I’m not seeing a ‘header widget’ in the widgets are so far.


    // Header widget area


    add_action( ‘ava_after_main_menu’, ‘enfold_customization_header_widget_area’ );
    function enfold_customization_header_widget_area() {
    dynamic_sidebar( ‘header’ );

    in reply to: Add links in top menu (secondary) on left side #1300218

    Sorry, a little confused. It says ‘activate header widget area’. Do I just make up one in the widgets area or is there some place that I have to ‘activate’ it in the theme options. Specifically, I have a header area with logo left, menu right and a top bar that already has a phone number on the right. So I’m not sure which of all these options in the documentation is going to work with this. (There are a lot of options listed and I’m not seeing one that really matches what I’m looking for). Thx.

    Hi, still hoping I can get a response on this. So many themes have the flip boxes these days. It would be really nice to get this working. Otherwise I need to switch themes. Thx.

    Hmmm, that did not work. So that line right now is:

    $output .=		"<{$title_el} class='av_icongrid_title icongrid_title{$icongrid_title} {$av_title_font_classes} {$title_el_cls}' {$markup} {$title_styling_str}>" . $atts['title'];

    but that didn’t seem to have any effect. Any other thoughts on how to solve this? Thx.

    in reply to: Icon Grid Flip Boxes with Images no longer work #1271260

    One more quick note. When I try to use the hashtag equivalent ###lt### ###gt### the image does show on the front BUT then the back side content does not show at all. Really would like to see this be usable again. Let me know how to fix. Thx.

    in reply to: Icon Grid Flip Boxes with Images no longer work #1271258

    To add more detail – an earlier forum post told the user to remove the esc HTML portion for the title on the icongrid.php page (in child theme).

    So I changed:

    $output .=					"<{$title_el} class='av_icongrid_title icongrid_title{$icongrid_title} {$av_title_font_classes} {$title_el_cls}' {$markup} {$title_styling_str}>"  . esc_html( $atts['title'] ) . "</{$itle_el}>";


    $output .=					"<{$title_el} class='av_icongrid_title icongrid_title{$icongrid_title} {$av_title_font_classes} {$title_el_cls}' {$markup} {$title_styling_str}>" ;

    But that does not work. I note that so many people have asked for this and the answers are always private. You could save yourself a lot of time by creating a document or example for people to look at. I have tried every possible way to put the image HTML code into the title field (<img src="xxxx.jpg" />, img src="xxxx.jpg", ###lt### img src="xxxx.jpg" ###gt### - from the link you provide to fix it)
    and none of these work. It’s been holding me up from finishing this project because this no longer works. Can you please write me with the solution and make that PUBLIC so other people with the same issue can get an answer that works? Thx.

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    Hi, I have also tried and this and it no longer works. I tried adding the code to that line on icongrid.php and it still does not work.

    in reply to: Masonry Grid no longer displays pics in same order #1203002

    Hi, sorry to be slow. We did as you suggested. Deleted the theme and uploaded the latest via FTP. Also updated wp again and we still can’t get the masonry grid to show the order on the front end that we have on the backend. We’ve never seen this issue before but he really wants these to be in the right order so that portraits are all in the column. Any other ideas?

    in reply to: Enfold – Upcoming fixes #1201019

    Masonry grid set to “Flexible Masonry” no longer keeps images in the right order (it always did before).

    in reply to: Google Maps no longer work #1097906

    Yes, I got it working. Google had added more settings for us to take care of. Thanks.

    in reply to: Google Maps no longer work #1097304

    I already created a new Google API key for the maps and when i try to put in an address I cannot even close the widget as it keeps giving me an error that says:

    “Google changed the way google maps work. You now need to enter a valid Google Maps API Key
    You can read a description on how to create and enter that key here: Enfold Google Settings”

    All that does is bring me back to the API settings area where I have ALREADY set a new API. It seems that the maps portion of your theme no longer works and from what I can tell on the forum a lot of other people are having the same issue. Any thoughts on how to get this fixed?


    in reply to: Google Maps no longer work #1083898

    Hi, I am still waiting for a response on this. Has anyone looked at this?

    in reply to: Comments widget – subscriber login doesn't work #1034266

    Never mind, I am just going to change the requirements for people who comment. Thx anyway.

    in reply to: Comments widget – subscriber login doesn't work #1034260

    Hi, has anyone been able to look at this yet? We’re trying to get this site up and running. Thx :)

    I have found the problem. The update set the #header_main_alternate to ‘display:none;’ in layout.css (a stylesheet which I have never touched so that must be part of the upgrade). The responsive hamburger menu is located within that div thus the menu would not show. I have added css to make it show but that seems like it needs to be fixed. Below is the default code I found in layout.css (before I added my own fix):

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px)
    .responsive #header_main_alternate {
    display: none;

    No Vinay, I have been doing design for a long time and I have a child theme with a separate style.css for exactly that reason – so that any changes do not get overridden. I’m trying to figure out why despite all my settings being the same the responsive menu no longer shows. The only change I have made is upgrade to the latest Enfold. When I did that it caused a huge gap of space above my header so I currently have a margin-top set to -24px (because nothing else would fix the gap) BUT BUT BUT (I say that 3 times on purpose so you read this part) – I removed that margin-top setting and the responsive menu still did not show so the lack of responsive menu is not due to that setting.

    Additionally, on my debugging window for mobile I am seeing the following as being in the active part of the code:

    <a id=”advanced_menu_hide” etc. – should that still be showing when I’m on mobile and WANT the menu to show? I thought that seemed strange.

    It’s frustrating to do a simple upgrade and then spend hours trying to fix something like this. Do you have any other suggestions? Thx.

    in reply to: submenu on mobile is not visible #882345

    I also have the same problem and it seems you guys still have not come up with a satisfactory answer. This is a BIG deal and should get solved ASAP since users cannot get to the most important areas of the site. I am using 4.1.2 like everyone else. The link to the ‘possible fix’ does not work for most. Please let us know a better fix. Thank you.

    It would be helpful if you responded to this for the public as I have the same issue. Thx.

    in reply to: Layerslider not working #861439

    Ok, will try that. On the other threads I had never seen that they got resolved so glad to know there is a resolution to this. Thx.

    in reply to: Layerslider not working #861211
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    in reply to: Layerslider not working #860810

    Okay it took me awhile to get this done but I did as you said and changed all the above and the layerslider STILL does not work. Currently the PHP Post Max Size and Max Upload size are set to 32M (24M is not a choice). I also raised the max_input_vars to 1000. WIth all the plugins turned off I am still unable to save any sliders. I also increased the memory limit to 512. Still no luck. So at this point, I have reinstalled Enfold, turned off all plugins, changed all the setttings you mentioned at GoDaddy and the Layersider continues to give me the same message that I have seen other people on the forums complain about:

    “It seems there is a server issue that prevented LayerSlider from saving your work. Please check LayerSlider -> System Status for potential errors, try to temporarily disable themes/plugins to rule out incompatibility issues or contact your hosting provider to resolve server configuration problems. Your HTTP server thrown the following error: \n\n Internal Server Error”

    I cannot even save a slider with a sentence of text as a test slider. I’m running out of ideas here. How do I get this layerslider working? Thx

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    in reply to: Layerslider not working #858644

    Hi, I have made those changes with the hosting admin and the slider still will not save. I have seen many, many tickets that have a similar problem with pages and other options not saving. I don’t see anything in most of those that I have not already tried so I will still need some help in figuring this out since the server changes have had no effect. I have all the plugins turned off right now as well and still the layerslider will not save. The username/password i sent you earlier is still active if someone can take a look. Thank you.

    in reply to: Layerslider not working #857975

    Hi sorry I think I confused you. I bought the new layerslider so that I could talk to their tech (needed a license to talk to them) BUT I have not yet installed it yet. I am familiar with PHP post max size but unsure about PHP ZipArchive. I will see if I can find instructions on that and let you know if that has any affect. Thanks.

    in reply to: Layerslider not working #857705

    Hmmm. The layerslider comes WITH your theme. Isn’t it supposed to work WITH the theme? I’ll disable tonight when I have some time but this seems kind of goofy to have to take apart pieces of the theme to get this looked at.

    in reply to: Layerslider not working #857122

    Ok but did anyone login with the credentials I gave you to see if they could figure out why it was not saving? I have read many people with this problem using Enfold (that it does not save). For me, it is just the layerslider that does not save. You had asked for credentials but I have not heard anything more. Could you update please. Thx.

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