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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version are as following (last update 2020-05-12)

    • Feature: New alignment options ALB element “Special Heading”
    • Feature: input field to add custom subject text for ALB contact form autoresponder email
    • Feature: Option for transition effect speed in ALB Easy Slider, Fullwidth Easy Slider, Fullscreen Slider
    • Feature: Added options for custom title and alt attribute in ALB image element
    • fixed: accordion slider hides some slide item after closing the lightbox
    • fixed: small typo instgram
    • fixed: WC 4.0 bug grouped products and quantity button not working
    • fixed: Transparent logo missing alt and title attr when attachment URL instead ID
    • fixed: bbPress and custom footer page not showing correctly on some pages
    • fixed: CSS bug Accordion hidden below Special Heading in Color section
    • fixed: WP 5.4 Block editor breaks ALB layout in backend
    • fixed: removed wrong href in div id=”av-cookie-consent-badge”
    • fixed: removed wp_nonce check in reCaptcha V3 to avoid problems with caching plugins
    • fixed: bug switching ALB back to Classic Editor broken layout and js errors (WP 5.4 related ?)
    • fixed: CSS problem with equal height after individual height columns forming a grid
    • fixed: WP 5.4 block editor using ALB – scroll bug dragging ALB elements
    • fixed: added a check that $posts is an array in helper-assets.php – caused by 3rd party plugins
    • fixed: shifted values in color picker (theme options page)
    • fixed: type errors in message text
    • Fixed: Plugin conflict calling filter display_post_states incorrectly
    • added: filter avf_transparency_logo_data: modify transparency logo url, title, alt attributes
    • added: class post-format-{$post_format} to article in postslider.php
    • added: filter avf_attachment_copyright_text – allows to filter copyright text in ALB image element
    • tweak: new option “Remove query string from static resources” in Performance->Show advanced options
    • tweak: Link settings moved to content tab for all ALB button elements
    • tweak: ensure function aviaFontManagementBase::get_font_list returns an array
    • updated: Italian language files
    • updated: Dutch language files
    • added: Greek language files
    • tweak: All language files have been synchronised – obsolete strings removed

    In Pull Requests:

    • feature: New demo importer with download of demos from external server

    In Progress:

    • Responsive images – adding scrset attribute to images

    Fixes for released version 4.7.4:

    • fixed: catalog CSS not enqueued with ALB WC product elements
    • fixed: ADA compliance aria-hidden, aria-label for MOBILE Hamburger menu
    • fixed: ALB seperator whitespace with icon: limit width to 45% container width for each ruler
    • fixed: small typo tempalte
    • fixed: CSS bug icon grid with display tooltip and mobile
    • fixed: CSS ALB Gridrow – 1 column with link column not fullwidth
    • fixed: CSS indent bug in nested sidebar menus (left/right sidebar, widget menus)
    • fixed: Fullwidth Easy Slider issue where auto rotate stops working in Safari after a video slide
    • feature: Add custom ID and CSS class to timeline milestones
    • feature: Integrate Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin (free and pro version)
    • Feature: ALB magazine element supports post-format link
    • tweak: Option to disable adding timestamp to compressed css and js files
    • tweak: Advanced Styling selectors more strict to override standard selectors from stylesheets and custom css
    • tweak: ajax search support for WC option “Hide out of stock items from the catalog”
    • tweak: use get_title instead of inconsistent use of direct access to post_title in various places
    • added: title attribute to postslider link in ALB element
    • added: filter avf_postslider_link_title_attr: modify title attribute for link in ALB postslider
    • added: filter avf_show_option_toggles_advanced: Adds an extra select option to hide section headers in ALB
    • added: filter avf_ajax_search_woocommerce_params: allows to change displaying products out_of_stock, featured and hidden
    • added: filter avf_legacy_suppress_wp_filter_post_title: allows a fallback for unfiltered post_title where direct access was used previously
    • removed: deprecated classes hentry and vcard (
    • updated: French language file – equal alb options translation, “Google” services translated as “Mailchimp”
    • updated: Dutch language files
    • updated: German language files
    • updated: Italian language files

    Fixes for version 4.7.3 are as following

    • improved: theme options to disable ALB modal popup options toggles (revert to old ALB design)
    • fixed: Blog multiauthor preview image links to author and not to post
    • fixed: ADA compliance aria-hidden for social icons and social share buttons
    • fixed: social share buttons added with filter no longer shown in
    • fixed: CSS for reCaptcha V3, added classes for reCaptcha V2 and reCaptcha V3 to form
    • fixed: ALB contact form datepicker throws js error when jQuery is loaded in footer
    • fixed: ALB editor Add Cell/Set Cell Size buttons not responsive for translations
    • fixed: Custom pages query to exclude hiding a page when same page object is queried
    • fixed: small typo in Iconbox element
    • fixed: Easy Slider caption sizes reverting back to “use default” after making custom settings
    • fixed: Google schema is deprecated
    • fixed: Content partially cut off in Cookie modal window on mobile Safari
    • added: filter avf_merged_files_unique_id: allows to remove/customize added unique id for merged files
    • added: filter avf_folder_security: customize folder security from 755 on folder creation
    • tweak: Column links open in new window and not in new tab for some browsers (e.g. FF)
    • tweak: Developer fields missing in fullwidth sub menu element
    • tweak: improved creation of avia folders and security
    • tweak: markup for testimonials
    • Improved GPDR:
      • feature: new option Accept essential cookies on pageload, user must opt in for other cookies
      • added: Cookie info message now supports starts with, ends with, contains for cookie names (filter avf_privacy_cookie_infos)
      • added: description text for some essential WP, WPMLcookies
      • fixed: bug with custom wildcard cookies and path not /
      • fixed: bug in option allow all cookies and services on pageload
    • Updated: Old Instagram icon to new one in social profiles
    • Updated: background color for social yelp icon to #d32323 on hover
    • updated: German language files, , de_DE GDPR translation adjustments
    • updated: Italian language file
    • updated: Dutch language files
    • updated: French language file – equal alb options translation


    P.S.: Please do not report issues here, instead start a new thread.

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    Hello ,

    Facing issue with overlapping – menu over logo in 10 & 12 inch screen .
    Looks like a theme bug . Kindly fix


    Looking forward to get the “Bug Safari browsers throw a js error with cookie consent” fix. When is 4.6.4 planned to go live?



    We are still working over testing all the functionality before we push an update. We usually do not share dates because something might come up and we delay the release.

    Best regards,


    Is the Safari bug the same issue as google maps not working on Mac iOS devices?


    @laptophobo, I hope so!


    hm – what about:

    P.S.: Please do not report issues here, instead start a new thread.



    Hi Guenni007,

    You know how it is with some people :)

    Best regards,



    this is Jurek from Sott-Media. The current bugfix for the consent the javascript error still is not working in Safari.

    Instead you should change avia-snippet-cookieconsent.js in the following way in line 627 following:

    		function check_doNotTrack()
    			if( window.doNotTrack || navigator.doNotTrack || navigator.msDoNotTrack || 'undefined' != typeof window.external && 'msTrackingProtectionEnabled' in window.external ) 

    Added is ‘undefined’ != typeof window.external &&.

    The object window.external does not exist at all in Safari’s javascript. It is a good idea in general to always check for mainobject-existence when it comes to window. or navigator..

    Here is a reference how to properly read Safari no-track setting, in case you want to add it then:

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    @sott-media Thanks for your comment Jurek! We have forwarded your message to our devs :)


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    Hi oceaneokio,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,


    Can we please get a better changelog management. 4.6.4 is available but the changelog still does not show the changes for 4.6.4:

    In this threads opening post you promise to post upcoming changes for 4.6.4. but you never did.

    The version.txt file in the full-download zip at themeforest is version 4.6.3.

    Updating without knowing what has changed is like playing russian roulette.

    Please get your changelog / upcoming changes workflow fixed.

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    Sadly it seems responsive options did not get an extra screen width toggle with 1024px (iPad)
    It is really hard to optimize responsive design for iPads without that…
    Can some moderator give any estimate time schedule for this to come?


    Hi @mensmaximus,

    Enfold 4.6.4 is not released yet. We are planning to release it in a week or so. Saturday update on ThemeForest was to activate Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and not an actual update on theme files. We will update changelog as soon as new version is available :)

    Best regards,


    Well, Envato should send another mail “Sorry, we messed up. Here is 100USD credit as apology.” :D


    Hi Milan,

    I doubt that they will do that, but it would have been nice :D

    Best regards,


    Can we get an update, please?


    Safari not showing google maps.
    Icons missing after the lates wordpress update


    Instagram error in widget



    Missing icons in WP 5.3.1:

    Please update enfold\framework\php\function-set-avia-frontend.php


    Do not forget to make a backup of the original file for fallback and clear server and browser cache.

    For the others please open an own topic and provide backend access and link to the pages.

    Best regards,


    Confirming fix works for Missing icons in WP 5.3.1.
    Thank you Günter!


    Hi Todd,

    Great, I’m glad that it’s working and thanks for confirming. This fix will be included in the next release of the theme.

    Best regards,


    And when will be available the next release of the theme with this fix?



    I’m sorry for my ignorance, but how do I do that? I have the same problem with social icons.



    Hi Guys, thank you for issuing the temporary fix for social icons.

    The fix for the social icons does not work if you place the shortcode into a widget area.

    Can you look into this?
    I normally place the social icon shortcode into widgets to remove the need for plugins that do the same function. This affects several of my websites. Luckily I have only updated one of them to the latest WordPress version. Very glad I waited!

    WORKAROUND: If you change the shortcode setting to open in same window it works. So something is wrong with the CSS when you add open in new window in the icon shortcode.


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    @kate we are planning to release new version after holidays. However Enfold 4.6.4 beta version is available. Please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum and request it if you would like to test it so we can provide it to you :)

    @huecoprods seems like you have already figured it out :) Let us know if you have any other questions or issues!

    @thinkjarvis i just tested on my local installation but both icons with links and without links show up fine in widget area on my end. If you would like us to look into your installation, please start a new thread :)

    Best regards,


    hello @Günter how to update in easy way enfold\framework\php\function-set-avia-frontend.php ?


    please can you guide step by step thanks


    please someone can help me to solve problem with social icons. tnaks



    @alexbellatropea have you figured it out already? Icons show up fine on my end on your website :)

    Best regards,

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