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    after theme update the submenu on click on mobile doesn’t work. I tested different settings, no success…


    Hey Themedix,

    Thank you for writing in!

    Ive checked your site on my mobile device and the submenu is working normally - could you clear your cache? - Its important after the theme updates.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Hi John,
    thank you for your help! The submenu is visible now, but I miss it by setting “display submenu items on click”..



    Same problem here: I was excited about the enhancements for mobile but “Display submenu items on click” (submenus won’t open at all) and “Display submenu items on hover” (submenus open and close like crazy but not the way users would expect) are not working – at least on iOS.
    I had to go back to “Always display submenu items”.
    In case of an update focussed on mobile improvements this is a bit disappointing – I have a large menu.

    Best regards

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    I am having a similar issue on Android. Mobile submenus won’t expand


    Hi Tier1Graphics,

    Could you post a link to the site in question so that we can take a closer look please?

    Best regards,



    the menu “Productos” on mobile: “show submenu on click” = not working

    thank you


    For Sub Menu Items Mega Menu Not Showing On Mobile Version,
    many have found that when using the “#” symbol to make no links in the main column of the menu. Removing the “#” symbol and entering “https: //” fixed it.

    Best regards,


    After theme update (4.1.2) the submenu on click on mobile doesn’t work.
    What can i do?


    Hi themeforestkop,

    Please refer to this thread for a possible solution.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    @mike seriously bad answer, you need to look at the solution holistically. adding the http:// instead of the # works for mobile but on desktop you have a blank link. which is bad for SEO purposes as well.

    download and replace the enfold/js/avia.js with the following:

    this is a fix until the update.


    Hi Diezel23,

    Thanks for the input.

    @themeforestkop did you get it working for you?

    Best regards,


    I also have the same problem and it seems you guys still have not come up with a satisfactory answer. This is a BIG deal and should get solved ASAP since users cannot get to the most important areas of the site. I am using 4.1.2 like everyone else. The link to the ‘possible fix’ does not work for most. Please let us know a better fix. Thank you.


    Hi waterwalk,

    Can you please describe your issue in more detail? The 4.2 version does not have this issue.

    Best regards,

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