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    Hmmm, I cleared cache but still seeing the issue on Chrome. Firefox and Safari are fine (i.e. they both have the shrinking header). I also tried Chrome incognito browser which should not be caching anything the header is not shrinking for Chrome on the home page. Any other ideas for getting it to still shrink on chrome?

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    I fixed this late last night.

    in reply to: Custom Link in Portfolio does not work #717905

    Hi, I actually started to do the code to get custom portfolio links to open in a new window but when I realized that the title link was not even working I thought I should contact you all first. I will put the login information below. I am using a child theme but other than that the only thing that is really custom right now is that I have elegant blog template moving the comments/author/date up above content (below title) but I’m not thinking that would affect the portfolio page at all since it’s a completely different file. Login info is below. Thanks for taking a look :)

    in reply to: One post not following excerpt format #716579

    Ugh, just figured out what was going on. She manually set her excerpts in the ‘excerpt’ block (which was not showing on the screen until I ‘added’ that in admin. Sorry about that. I rarely see that used anymore so I didn’t even think about her possibly having done that.

    in reply to: Move date and author meta to under title #716268

    Placing the link in private content. You will see that it is set to “Elegant” but the date and author don’t show up until the bottom so I just need to know where I can edit this. Thanks.

    in reply to: Sticky Header does NOT turn off #716267

    This is solved. There was a second setting on the page itself that I had not caught. Thx

    Following this and tried it myself but it did not work. There are still ‘<p>’ tags showing up in text blocks.

    in reply to: Slider Links don't work #632418

    Hi, I had responded to your email and haven’t heard anything back. I’m resending what I wrote you earlier with the link in the private area.

    in reply to: Slider Links don't work #625193

    Hey Jordan, I appreciate the answer but now the watermark has disappeared. It is probably sitting behind the slide background now. Do you know how I can get those in the right order so that the watermark is on top of the background gradient but below the actual slide elements so that the links still work?

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    Okay, I have all the plugins turned off and it may have fixed the text area but the slider is still not showing the images. Could I ask you to still look at this. Before all the content wasn’t showing in the widgets (in visual mode). Now the only thing that is not showing content is the layerslider. I will put the page below.

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    in reply to: Text keeps disappearing inside text widgets #602011

    Just waiting to hear back on this and I did look through all the other forum posts and yes, I am using latest Enfold. Essentially, this is a WYSIWYG issue with the text not showing up in visual mode after you have saved it (but it’s still there in text mode).

    Oops, sorry about that. I had not heard back from you guys for several days so I finally had to do this with CSS. You will see that there are boxes on the page that remain while the slides change in the background. I would prefer to do it with regular slider functionality instead of CSS (if possible). Info below.

    I watched the whole video and it does not address the question I asked you. I need to be able to have the boxed elements on my slider REMAIN on top without fading in and out with each new slide. Apparently I HAVE TO HAVE more than one slide for it to loop so putting all the background transitions into one slide will not work because it doesn’t loop back to the beginning. BUT if I make two slides for transitioning the background then the common box elements (buttons) on the front will disappear and reappear each time. So the above video does nothing to address this need. I already knew everything he talked about in the video.

    I am putting admin information below.

    in reply to: Insert Microformats #571906

    Did this ever get solved? I am trying to do the same thing and Enfold removes any microdata I add and the default schema used by enfold is not really correct. I tried the ‘code’ tag but that didn’t really work.

    in reply to: Weird spacing with Enfold latest update #548922

    Unfortunately we have some customization on the theme so I can’t just have things auto-update. Had I realized the last update was going to break things I probably would have left it alone. As I said, I’ll have to wait until the weekend again when I have more time.

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    I don’t know what to say except that the weekend before Thanksgiving I downloaded the latest version on themeforest and upgraded. IT was a very time consuming process because it’s a big site and we have a lot to backup and a fair amount of customization. The fact that you guys are on 3.4.6 two weeks later makes me wonder if Themeforest isn’t keeping up with the updates or something. I literally just did this two weeks ago. I’ll have to wait until the weekend to try again. like I said it’s a bit time consuming to do.

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    Hi Josue,

    I just updated the theme about 10 days ago and that is what caused the problem in the first place.


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    Since writing the above post I have gone in and removed our h3 tags that we did have (which is a shame because now the text is super small) and that at least gets rid of the extra spacing. Why the new Enfold would display double <h3> tags when I only had one in there I still do not understand though. The missing link problem still exists. So before the words linked and now they don’t. So if you could still help with that I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

    in reply to: Layerslider not behaving on mobile devices #547235

    I had not heard back so I just spend all of last night custom coding the mobile version. I still have no idea why the mobile version was such a problem but it looks okay now after all the custom work I did. You can mark this as resolved I guess. I’m just hoping I don’t have to go through that again if I use the theme again. Like I said, it has not happened on the other sites I bought Enfold for. Thanks.

    in reply to: Layerslider not behaving on mobile devices #546789

    Hi, I am still waiting to hear back on this ticket. I made screenshots in my previous post yesterday to show how the layerslider is not shrinking proportionately and behaving strangely on other devices (not consistent). Any help would be very appreciated as this is holding up the project. Thanks.

    in reply to: Layerslider not behaving on mobile devices #546166

    I have it set to 1120px but the moment it starts to go into responsive mode the full screen look reacts in several different ways and is not consistent. I’ve got an image so you can see what I”m talking about. As I said, I have not had this problem before so I am wondering if I am missing some other setting besides the ‘responsive under’ setting.

    Screenshot of responsive issue

    in reply to: Upgrade Broke Several Things on Site #546117

    Okay, just solved some of it. I had turned the caching plugin OFF so it should not have been caching (had even cleared the cache) but everything was still showing up incorrectly. Since my note I turned the caching back, cleared it yet again and then turned it off again and now several things are resolved. Unfortunately all the lost widget data and the complete loss of all the advanced search forms I built is still gone. Really wish I could understand what happened there but I guess that this point we can mark this as resolved since I don’t think you’ll have any information for me on getting back all the data that was lost in the upgrade. Thanks.

    in reply to: Layerslider not behaving on mobile devices #545464

    Hi just checking in again to see if you have any suggestions on any settings that I might be missing for the layerslider. It is not shrinking the other items within the slide to the mobile screen size. The other sites I built did not have that problem (those were also fullwidth). So I need to figure out why the items within each slide are not shrinking down. Can you help please? Thx.

    in reply to: Portfolio incorrect display #518408

    YIKES! The update destroyed my ability to edit pages now. I can no longer use the Avia layout builder. All my blocks of content are no longer accessible. What do you suggest?

    Broken Avia Layout Builder

    in reply to: Can I load masonry gallery pics right away? #510486

    I meant to drop you a ‘thank you’. Been too busy. Thanks for the help.

    in reply to: WYSIWYG Header/Paragraph Dropdown not working #497283

    It seems to have magically resolved itself. I have no idea why it wasn’t working but it was like all the WYSIWYG options were not selectable – i.e. they would not allow me to use the dropdown to select a font size or header size or whatever. So I think this is fixed now through nothing I have done. So you can close this ticket. Thx.

    in reply to: Admin Question #496687

    Oops, sorry about that. Will do.

    in reply to: Column Doesn't Show #490271

    Hi, it looks okay because you can’t see it. The right column in Enfold is hidden behind something else (and is displaying too high. I have created a screenshot for you and will post that in private content along with user/password info if you want to take a look at it. Specifically this is happening on the home page. Thanks in advance.

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