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    I saw a ticket for this already but it had been closed down. It looks like a lot of people have had this problem where the foot displays default content instead of the content i have created. It never used to do this so I am unsure what has caused it. I have gone through all the options for fixing this issue and none of the suggestions worked for fixing the issue.

    Problem: Footer no longer displays correct content with a section on ‘here are some interesting links’ that I cannot get rid of. It will not display widgets and it also will not display an alternate page that I assign it for the footer. It does still display the socket but not the footer.

    I tried all the suggestions:
    – Deleting the child theme footer.php file (then footer did not display at all)
    – Replacing the child theme footer.php file with the default Enfold footer.php file – this resulted in no change with the footer still display default content.
    – WordPress and Enfold are updated and current

    I am unable to get rid of all that junk content in the footer so for now I have had to completely shut the footer off so it doesn’t display. We need the footer working again so I have created temporary credentials for you (as you did for the people in the other post). I will put those in the private content section. Your help would be appreciated and if you get it working please let me know what had to be done so i know if the problem arises in the future. Thx.


    Hey waterwalk,
    Thank you for the link to your site, I see that you have old header.php & footer.php in your child theme, I didn’t find any customization in either of these, so please remove both of these files. We don’t recommend adding these to your child theme because it is the top reason for issues after updating, these two files are linked so if there is a change in one or the other in the update it will cause issues.
    If you want to add customizations we recommend adding them to the functions.php, can advise how to do so when you have a need.
    If your footer is still not right after you remove these two files then I will take another look.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you for the update.

    The child theme contains an older version of the header.php file which is probably causing the footer to not display. It lacks the following block of code which is needed to render the footer.

    	 * Get footer stylings and post overrides
    	$the_id = avia_get_the_id(); //use avia get the id instead of default get id. prevents notice on 404 pages
    	$body_layout = avia_get_option( 'color-body_style' );
    	$footer_options = avia_get_option( 'display_widgets_socket', 'all' );
    	$footer_behavior = avia_get_option( 'footer_behavior' );
    	$footer_media = avia_get_option( 'curtains_media' );

    Please remove the header.php file from the child theme directory or replace it with the latest version from the parent theme.

    Best regards,

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