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    I’ve noticed the recent update where ‘improved instagram social profile logo’ has resulted in a few of my websites not displaying the instagram icon. I tried clearing the cache, but is there anything I can do to get the logo (old or new) to appear again?


    anything new about srcset attribute?


    Hi ramotzkie,

    Still in the works. Thank you for following up on this one :)

    Best regards,


    fixed: ADA compliance aria-hidden for social icons and social share buttons

    Did you forget to update the MOBILE Hamburger menu. Google reports it as not being ADA (Accessibility) compliant “Links do not have a discernible name”.

    <a href="#"> <span class="av-hamburger av-hamburger--spin av-js-hamburger"> <span class="av-hamburger-box"> <span class="av-hamburger-inner"></span> <strong>Menu</strong> </span> </span> </a>



    Thanks for reporting this Added to our repo for next release.

    Best regards,


    It seemed odd that it was overlooked. Thank you for the quick response!


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for adding the option to disable the toggles on the builder. That was an absolute deal breaker for an Enfold power user. You scared me. Please, never make us click more times accomplish the same tasks. Keep up the good work.

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    @digno1 Please try de-activating “Mega Addons For WPBakery Page Builder” plugin and check if that helps. If that does not help, please start a thread under Enfold sub forum –

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    ive downlodaded the latest files from envato and when i try to add the theme it says stylesheet is missing. i have uploaded it via ftp to but then the site loads totaly slow.


    Hey guys, sorry to derail this thread a little but can you please prioritise Responsive Images? It’s been in the ‘coming soon’ section for ages now and this is a very important feature that was implemented a long time ago in WordPress itself.

    Meanwhile an instagram feed thing has been prioritised over this and finished for the next release – not all of us need this. But all of us would benefit from having proper responsive images implementation.


    Responsive images are crucial for modern themes and should be implemented years ago…


    Finally, people who feel the same way.

    Enfold: When please take us seriously? This has been addressed to you for several years. You don’t believe us.

    Do you think all your users have Photoshop and benchmark from 28″ over 24″, notebook, ipad, mobile phone?

    It starts already, that you need at least 5 of your elements for Full width (not full screen). Sometimes BG works in Color Section, sometimes the Full width Slider., which scaling images in some cases “right and expected”.

    Then it goes on over 3 Silder types instead of combining them or create a new and make the others obsolet or soemthing else. I work on daoily basis with enfold. Since three days, we try with a designer and a css guy to get good results for a full width image with diagonal border (and top border is missing, but you know it)

    At Fonts: There you have 4 devices in one section to select.

    For pictures, you have to fiddle through, lots of sections, massive code.

    Then it goes on, that not even picture names, dimensions are shown in the sections, where images are selected. If you click on it, the big guessing begins, which picture is in it now. Then you have to go to the front-end, the dev-console. Size are in the media selector also not shown. Nothing. Many queries in the brain.


    Hi Enfold team, your last update in the upcoming changes broke the formatting on page one of this thread just FYI.

    Would still love an update on responsive images too please.

    Thanks guys.

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    I cannot get the logo to upload at full size. So when I change the width and height of the logo, the loge pixelates. How can I get the logo to load into the header at full size??

    MY CSS added to General Styling:

    .logo img {
    width: 740px;
    height: 120px;
    padding-top: 25px;

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    Hi startupprod,

    I’ve replied to you in your pre sale thread already, please don’t post the same question in more than one place.

    Best regards,


    Would still love an update on responsive images too please.

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    CSS-file combination doesn’t work for
    /config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/toggles/toggles.css and

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    Masonry grid set to “Flexible Masonry” no longer keeps images in the right order (it always did before).



    Please open a new ticket and post the necessary details in the private field so that we can check the issue properly.

    Best regards,


    Now unable to upload media images. Anything to do with this update? Please assist. Thanks


    Hi tlkingsland,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,


    UPDATE: FIXED. MUST HAVE BEEN A PLUGIN. AFTER UPDATING 3 PLUGINS, IT’S FINE. Strange because I deactivated all plugins.

    Looks like there’s a bug with icon lists and shortcodes. Not sure if this happens with other shortcodes. See if you can replicate this…

    1. Add an icon list to a page using the advanced layout editor and save it.
    2. ALSO add an icon list shortcode to a widget in the Appearance>Widgets area. I used a custom widget area so create one and add the widget to that.
    3. Now go back to the page and add the widget area to that page by using the widget area content element.
    4. Update it and you’ll see both are on the page when you’re viewing it from front end, as expected.
    5. Now delete the icon list from the page only and update the page.
    6. Now refresh the front end of that page and it seems like the widget area icon list also goes missing and nowhere to be found while the shortcode is still present in Appearance>Widgets.
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    Good morning,
    Can günter give an indication of when the responsive images are ready?


    @webvriend @gunter
    Not sure if you have seen but WordPress core team are planning to launch Lazy loading of images as standard in WordPress Core. Lazy load is being added to all major browsers as a html solution rather than relying on Javascript. I’d imagine that for enfold to add responsive images, that the Enfold team will need to wait until after the new lazy loading attributes are added to the core, otherwise the new responsive image coding may not be compatible with lazy load.

    @gunter – Just so you are aware, I currently use a plugin to stop enfold from generating all of the image sizes due to node limitations on my server. I.e. The maximum number of files allowed is about 250,000. Split over several websites I would need to massively increase the number of server packages I currently use to accomodate all of the Enfold sites I run if I had to allow every single enfold image size to generate on each site. I am not sure how you intend on adding responsive image sizes to Enfold but I may have to regenerate all images on every site in order for this to work.

    @webvriend have you tried using Jetpack’s site accelerator? I believe that it automatically picks the best fit for each image size? assuming you have allowed all thumbnails to generate? I have experienced the odd issue with this where it picks the wrong image size for the space available.



    This is the source for the lazyload (Lazyload in WP Core) It seems to me that this is just applied to wp_get_attachment_image()

    And here you can read more about responsive images: WP Responsive images

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    I didn’t realise the Responsive images came from core as well! Wow OK this is going to be the final tick in a box for Enfold for me. If we get Lazy load support as well then the only way to further improve it performance wise will be to reduce the main framework.

    I’ll be testing autoptimize when I get the chance to reduce the size of the merged files.

    Looks like the Devs at Enfold have some work to do! I will still compress all images before uploading them. It helps keep the server and database clean. But When the update lands I will need to regenerate thumbnails for all of my websites so I can enable the feature.


    A lot of interest in getting responsive images in place. Would really, really appreciate a timeline on this please Enfold devs.

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