Enfold Feature Requests

After hundreds of feature requests we want to try something new for Enfold

Since the release of Enfold almost a year ago we got a steady stream of feedback from our customers on how to improve the theme. SEO optimizations, new Template Builder elements, customization options, bugfixes and more…

We have gathered this feedback in our forum but its becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of those requests, so we decided to try it with a different voting system. We have put a feedback system in place that allows you to add new suggestions and also lets you vote on existing ones from other users of our community.

Each month you get 5 votes to distribute  and we will review and consider the most popular requests for future updates :)

You can give it a try here:

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  1. ZetZet
    ZetZet says:

    It would be nice to have in Enfold theme 2 more sliders: “Before After” and “360 Degrees Product and Panoramic Viewer”.

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