Enfold Version 2.6 – Header Configurator, RTL Stlyesheet, Google Maps and more

Even more flexibility arrived with this version! The theme now allows you to configure the header just as you like

Enfold has always allowed to change the colors of your header at will and select from a few styling options, but some of the most common requests we got, like “how to increase/decrease the logo size”, “how to stick/unstick the header”, “how to change the position of the social icons” and “how to achieve header transparency”, always needed custom CSS. Well not anymore.

We decided to build a small configuration tool that allows you to do all that and more. In the process we were even able to remove some old and outdated scripts and styles, decreasing the css and javascript file size, which results in better performance of the theme :)

Here is one of those new options on our demo. Something which was previously not really possible but is now easily accomplished: The transparent header

But there is more:

  • Enfold now also comes with an RTL stylesheet. We have already seen it in the wild with arabic and hebrew translations and it looks and works great :)
  • Also new is the new import/export tab which allows you to save the theme settings and import them on another installation
  • The theme also comes with a brand new Google maps element now, which allows to display any number of maps with any number of markers
  • We have added a fallback option for video on mobile devices which can’t be controlled with javascript. You can now define a custom image to display instead of the video
  • Last but not least we improved the performance of the theme by stripping css and javascript that was no longer necessary

Tutorial Videos

As always Devin has recorded a short introduction video for this Version:



7 replies
  1. Malthe
    Malthe says:

    Hi Kriesi, awesome update btw!

    Is there an option in this update, to have a different header logo when viewing the site on a mobile device?


  2. Christoph
    Christoph says:

    I have a question concerning masonry – I have more than one categories on several page levels. i.e:

    Page 1 – catetgory apple
    +—– page 2 – category fish
    page 2 – pine
    page 3 – fish
    page 4

    and when selecting categories in masonry, I have below 2x fish. Would be better to have
    1x fish
    Page 1 – fish

    Is there something like that planned or even already fixed? :)

    Kind regards

  3. Karen Burton
    Karen Burton says:

    before I lose all the hard work I’ve done… if I update will i lose my current customizations? on an uber tight deadline and need to be sure that updating won’t set me back 3 months.

    please advise. thanks


  4. David
    David says:

    Hi :-) Awesome Theme ! Is there a quick fix to comply with EU Regulations concerning a cookie statement ? ( Something like a theme colored bar, notifying the the user about cookie usage and the user may click a “i got it” button )


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