Enfold Version 3.5 – WooCommerce Bookings integration, a new layout mode, 5 new Demos and more

A release focusing on e-commerce

Our latest version of Enfold introduces full compatibility with the great WooCommerce Bookings extension, in our opinion one of the best ways to sell time or date based bookings.

No matter if you want to build a site for a personal coach, a hotel, a spa or any other kind of booking: Enfold in conjunction with the Bookings extension got you covered now. See examples here and here :)

In addition to that we have introduced a new layout mode called “Fixed Frame” which allows you to create a frame of variable width and color. Also new are the many new display option for various existing elements like products, masonry items, icon lists, etc. Most of these display options were introduce to bridge the gap between some of the existing elements, something we will probably do more often in the future. Since this is a release that focuses mostly on the capabilities of WooCommerce and its various extensions we have started with the option to display the masonry items in the same way as the product grid, so that you can mix those elements on your site and they still look like they belong together. You can check it yourself in the travel demo.

But most of the development time for this release was used to create  5 great new demos that show that Enfold is really capable of building any kind of unique website by now. Here is a  list of our latest additions and modifications:

New demo content:

New Features:

  • added: support and styling for woocommerce bookings (eg:here and here)
  • added: new layout feature. Instead of stretched and boxed you can now chose “framed” which displays a fixed frame around the site (eg:here and here )
  • added: new product style: minimal overlay
  • added: new styling option for masonry and masonry gallery element: caption overlay
  • added: background images for sections, cells and columns can now be set to “scale to fit” so the whole background image is always visible (check the ornament background on our hotel demo)
  • added: font size selection for accordion slider
  • added: option to center accordion text
  • added: new google fonts
  • added: new design – bright blue
  • added: new advanced styling element to customise: Slideshow Titles
  • added: new advanced styling element to customise: Slideshow Captions
  • added: an XML file for languages, available for the facebook page widget
  • added: various title filters
  • added: new filter for framework related css body classes

And here is a list with most of the bug related changes.

For a detailed changelog please download the latest theme package from themeforest

  • fixed: a page.php thumbnail size bug
  • fixed: a css error that was caused by setting a column background to “stretch fullwidth”
  • fixed: a slideshow bug that caused buttons to slide in when they should fade
  • fixed: a display issue with iconbox titles and some specific fonts
  • fixed: an issue with some default css font sizes not adapting properly on smaller screens
  • fixed: an issue with slideshow capations on small devices when
  • fixed: an issue with blank pages not aligning properly on mobile devices
  • fixed: an issue with color section background colors not beeing applied to Left Sidebar Layouts
  • fixed: an issue with transparent headers and custom menu colours
  • fixed: an issue with mobile menu display on tablets
  • fixed: issue with accordion slider php notice
  • fixed: a problem with product grid item count
  • fixed: a display bug with the Fullwidth Easy slider that was caused by choosing original image size
  • fixed: a pagination bug with the woocommerce grid element
  • fixed: an issue that prevented mailchimp to fetch more than 10 lists
  • fixed: an issue that prevented some servers from connecting with mailchimp
  • fixed: an issue with html elements added to the table element
  • fixed: an issue with the class of the events calendar upcoming events heading
  • fixed: an issue with the feature image slider not accepting disabled autorotation
  • fixed: an issue with the magazine element throwing a php error on subpages
  • fixed: an error with form success message
  • fixed: an issue with contact form dropdowns when the “hide label” option was selected
  • fixed: an issue with the import script not working properly with PHP7 and dropping the demo menu
  • fixed: an issue with the contact form autoresponder not working when more than one mail address is added
  • fixed: an issue with google author and publisher rel tag
  • fixed: a multi language issue with the facebook plugin and wpml
  • fixed: an issue with php notices caused by the grid layout
  • fixed: a css notice in the backend when woocommerce is active
  • fixed: an issue with the woocommerce quantity selector
  • fixed: an issue with the dark default themes
  • fixed: an issue with sidebar main menu sticky calculation
  • fixed: a problem with google map tooltips
  • fixed: an issue with the feature image slider not working in Firefox
  • fixed: a syntax error in the autorotation setting of the slideshow
  • fixed: a bug with the wedding demo that prevented correct image import
  • fixed: missing translation strings in Portfolio.
  • fixed: the advanced styling selector of main menu hover items when the logo is displayed above the menu
  • fixed: an issue with a javascript file not being loaded properly for layerslider
  • improved: masonry filter display when loading new elements via “load more” button
  • improved: some google fonts now come with more weights
  • improved: dynamic styling generator accepts array values now
  • improved: header.php – added a new filter function
  • improved: index.php + other default template files: abort script if directly loaded in the browser to prevent crawling errors
  • improved: automated schema.org markup for blog posts.
  • updated: layerslider to the latest version (5.6.3)
  • updated: several translation files

Whats next?

Since we received some requests to shorten releases cycles, instead of delivering these big updates every few months, we will try to do as asked and reduce the amount of time between updates. Instead of cramming 5 new major features and 5 demos into one release we will try to do 2-3 features and 2-3 demos per release and cut the release cycle in half.

Thats still long enough not to annoy our users with updates, but a good amount shorter for those who use the theme in a lot of projects and need to come up with new styles and solutions on a regular basis :)

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  1. Adrian Wackernah
    Adrian Wackernah says:

    Hi Kriesi, I enjoy the extended support for Bookings – thanks. What I like to see is buying Enfold in other packages as only Standard and Extended at ThemeForest. I buy a copy for each of all of my clients so buying Enfold in packages like 5 copies or 25 copies with a small fee rebate would be nice. Overall I am very happy with your work.

    • Kyle
      Kyle says:

      Totally agree. A “package” option would be nice. Especially if we could get a small rebate on 10, 15, or 20 licenses. Buying in “bulk.”

    • Kriesi
      Kriesi says:

      We would love to provide something like that but I am afraid its up to theemforest to implement it. We, and other authors have asked for something like this for some time now… hopefully they will eventually add that feature…

  2. noepsi
    noepsi says:

    Hi Kriesi,
    great new features again. And talking about features – have you ever considered yet to release a developer version (with gulp/scss & some options to minify and exclude css/js that is not needed)? Would be a big step ahead of the other theme developers! :)

  3. Frank
    Frank says:

    All I can say is: These are stunning new designs! Very well done!
    I agree with the shorten update releases cycles.

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    Would love to see a Campaign Monitor integration next – like the one you have with MailChimp. Any plans for that on the horizon? Thanks

  5. Ben
    Ben says:

    You guys have done an amazing job. I’ve been using WordPress templates for clients to speed up my work, for almost a decade, and Enfold is by far the most versatile yet easy to use.

    It allows me to custom design unique websites, and develop them in a matter of hours/days instead of weeks.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Mark
    Mark says:

    You guys always amaze me with the great support and consistent development to improve what most would class as an already perfect theme. Great work guys and keep up the amazing development.

  7. Diegz
    Diegz says:

    Sorry to say, but, except for the “résumé”, the new demos are very poor in therms of the design.
    A very danger move, since there are more competition than ever before, design speaking…
    I do love Enfold, take my critic as a good think, ok?

  8. alwib
    alwib says:

    Hi.. thanks for all support and update..
    i’ve used this theme for my several web client..
    give more demo layout please.. :)

  9. Sean
    Sean says:

    I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find where to download the demo files for these new demos.

    Can you please provide a link?


    • Paul Coughlin
      Paul Coughlin says:

      Hey Sean, you should be able to install the demo from within the theme options panel – under ‘demo import’. I don’t think there’s a way to actually download them separately.. could be wrong though!

  10. Luke
    Luke says:

    I would like to see different header styles and global templates that allow us to edit one element on one page and it be updated on all pages like on DIVI theme.

    Also when linking buttons, can we have a way to link to items in the media library?

    Keep up the excellent work Kriesi and the team.

  11. Pembroke Pines Web Design
    Pembroke Pines Web Design says:

    Enfold is one of the most solid themes i have come across in the past 12 years or so designing and developing custom websites. It is well made, and very well maintained. As a developer it saves a on of time and helps you get things done faster and more efficiently. I also love the numerous layout and styling options.

    Keep up the good work team Kriesi : )

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