Enfold 5.0 – Parallax

Enfold 5.0 in a Nutshell: Parallax, Positioning, Animation & Transformation

The latest Version of Enfold comes with plenty new options to create modern websites with advanced element positioning, animation and movement features. We also decided that it’s time to create new demos again so we can show you most of these amazing features in our new Parallax Demo :)

In addition to the new demo and those awesome parallax effects we added a lot of new fancy animations like the “curtain reveal” effect that you can also see in the demo, zooming effects for slideshows, 3D transform options like scale, skew and rotate for images and a lot of other features that keep your website fresh and dynamic.

We are also already working on Enfold 6.0 and got some amazing stuff prepared. First Sneak Peeks will follow soon. Meanwhile enjoy this release. And if you want to see the full list of features and updates:

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Enfold 4.6 Release and Late Birthday Sale

We have been notified by our users that we nearly missed another Enfold Birthday…

While working on the next version of Enfold we nearly missed another of it’s birthdays. Shame on us!! Enfold turned 6 this year, which is quite amazing! As always we want to celebrate this with a short birthday sale and a new release :) We slashed the price by more than 33% for a limited time so grab a copy here before its to late.

In order to make the sale happen we have released this version as a major maintenance release with a ton of smaller features, improvements and bugfixes. New demos will be added shortly in a subsequent release but we didn’t want to wait any longer :)

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WordPress 5.0, Enfold 4.5.1 and our older Themes

WordPress 5.0 will arrive soon and with it comes a new “Block” based editor that replaces the previous default editor

So this is probably one of the most discussed topics in recent WordPress history. The introduction of the new WordPress Block editor (or Gutenberg editor as it was previously named). Some love it, some hate it, (and judging from the abysmal 2.5 star rating of the plugin, the later group is currently probably the bigger one), but no matter if you like or dislike it, it will affect you if you use WordPress in one way or another.

Here is how it affects our Enfold users, users of our other themes and also how it affects us :)

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Enfold 4.5 – new template builder elements, more options, new demos focusing on gradients and a few words about the Gutenberg editor

A release that highlights some of the recent improvements of Enfold

In our last few major releases we were focusing a lot on improving the theme performance wise and making it as easy as possible to be GDPR compliant. During that time we also introduced some new visual features (like gradients for example) which did not get a proper introduction due to the emphasis on usability and non visual features. We figured we should spoil you with a design oriented update between those recent usability updates and the ones we are currently preparing for the future :)

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Enfold 4.4 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

By now most people have probably heard about the new EU data privacy law that will come to full effect on May 25th 2018. We have adapted Enfold  to make the journey to compliance a little easier for those who deal with European Visitors on their site

First things first: especially if you are European this law was very present during the last weeks and there is a good chance you already know about it. If you don’t: what exactly is the General Data Protection Regulation?

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Scoring 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix PageSpeed and Yslow (and why you probably shouldn’t bother ;)

This article will teach you how to get a perfect score with Enfold and its latest performance upate to Version 4.3 on Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. It will also explain why it’s probably not a good idea to obsess over it

Don’t let yourself get fooled by the title. You should definitely care about your site performance and using those tools allows you to identify problems easily. In general you get very good recommendations but you should know when to follow them and when to ignore them :)

The metric that is much more important than any score, awarded by those testing tools, is the page load time of your site. And to achieve a good page load time a good server environment and optimised images are usually much more important than any theme optimisations you can do.

So make sure to not get obsessed with a good score, just for the sake of the score ;)
Also, while building our latest Enfold Update we set up a total of 12 test environments and probably did 1000 speed checks. The conclusion we came to, is that the trade offs for a perfect score are often times not worth it. (eg: compressing your images to a point were quality suffers dramatically, using a ton of inline css and javascript to satisfy above the fold rules, etc)

So here is what we are going to do:

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