Enfold Version 2.9 – Images with Hotspots, new Lightbox and some portfolio love

The latest version of the Enfold Theme once again adds a mix of features we liked and stuff that was requested in our Enfold Feature Request center:

  • We have added a new template builder element: Image with Hotspots – which allow you to add any number of hotspots and tooltips to an image
  • We got a new Header style called “Transparent glass
  • We added a new modern Lightbox script instead of outdated PrettyPhoto Lightbox. (Example)
  • We improved the portfolio element so it can now be used as a fullwidth element as well (please note that it might be necessary to update some pages if you want to keep your current look by putting the portfolio into a 1/1 column element)

Those are the biggest changes and the links above will show you an example for each of those changes. All of the new pages have also already been added to the dummy content file, which means if you import the demo content you will also get this new pages imported to your installation ;)

As always we also added a lot of smaller improvements and bugfixes, most notably:

  • improved: styling for single column portfolio (Example)
  • added: option to disable Lightbox
  • fixed: a problem with product sort buttons on mobile devices
  • fixed: an error with the codeblock element and shortcode execution
  • fixed: a problem with Yoast Seo Plugin affecting portfolio and blog pagination
  • fixed: a problem with Numbers shortcode re-populating the value of the textarea with the default value
  • fixed: a bug with slideshow elements creating a messed up shortcode when multiple images where added at once
  • fixed: a contact form email verification problem with seldom used single letter domain email addresses
  • fixed: a problem with google map tooltips and dark layouts that use white text color
  • fixed: a bug with the dummy data import not applying the correct menu
  • updated language files for german,italian and spanish, new arabic and norsk translation files


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  1. Stefan
    Stefan says:

    Hi Guys.
    I love the Enfold so much.
    Can you do the same one for drupal? Will buy it 100 times
    I develop a lot of drupal websites for customers lately, as drupal is a little bit more complex than wordpress……

    Could you imagine the power of drupal with Enfold!
    I mean REALLY!!!!!

    Please drop me a line on my email and tell me what you think!

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