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    Hi, I am struggling to do something that I thought was going to be much easier. I have 4 boxes of content that I want to stay on top of any sliding images on the home page. I want the boxes to remain and not move while a couple of images fade in and out in the background. I have tried layerslider plus all the other sliders and even looked at the colored content area in the hopes that I could have images rotate with that but I have had no luck. I know I have done this with other themes and I have to believe there is a way to do it with Enfold.

    How can I keep common elements always present while letting images change in the background. Even duplicating the common elements and having them use no transition and no duration fade does not solve the problem because they still disappear for a moment when the slide switches. Is there a way to do keep these boxes always showing while images move in the background? Thanks.

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    Hi waterwalk!

    You can do this with layer slider please have a look at

    If you still have any issues please create a mockup of how you need the end result to look like and share with us a temporary admin access in private content with permission to deactivate all plugins and add custom code if necessary to help you better.

    Vinay Kashyap


    I watched the whole video and it does not address the question I asked you. I need to be able to have the boxed elements on my slider REMAIN on top without fading in and out with each new slide. Apparently I HAVE TO HAVE more than one slide for it to loop so putting all the background transitions into one slide will not work because it doesn’t loop back to the beginning. BUT if I make two slides for transitioning the background then the common box elements (buttons) on the front will disappear and reappear each time. So the above video does nothing to address this need. I already knew everything he talked about in the video.

    I am putting admin information below.



    we need admin access, instead of a normal wordpress account. Let us know when you upgraded us.



    Oops, sorry about that. I had not heard back from you guys for several days so I finally had to do this with CSS. You will see that there are boxes on the page that remain while the slides change in the background. I would prefer to do it with regular slider functionality instead of CSS (if possible). Info below.



    Please check this post

    The rout you have taken is correct option you are looking for is available only via custom coding.

    Vinay Kashyap

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