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    Hi, I am seeing that our portfolio grid had been messed up by the latest enfold update. If you look at the page there are two things that have changed:

    1) The title of the portfolio is no longer a link to the page (we were using the ‘custom link’ option in each portfolio piece to go to a page for that image.

    2) There is a huge amount of space now between the picture and the title that was not there before and if I go look at it in source/debug it shows that there’s an entire extra H3 tag that’s now added (but we did not add those extra tags). The only thing we did was to update the theme. This code now appears before our actual h3 title that has always been there:

    <h3 class="grid-entry-title entry-title"></h3>

    We are trying to figure out why the update would have added all this extra space and why the link is gone now. Like I said we have not touched those pages in ages and this started after the update.

    Example on Bachelor Degree Page >>

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    Since writing the above post I have gone in and removed our h3 tags that we did have (which is a shame because now the text is super small) and that at least gets rid of the extra spacing. Why the new Enfold would display double <h3> tags when I only had one in there I still do not understand though. The missing link problem still exists. So before the words linked and now they don’t. So if you could still help with that I’d appreciate it. Thanks.



    Can you try updating to the newest Enfold release (3.4.5)?

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,

    I just updated the theme about 10 days ago and that is what caused the problem in the first place.




    Version 3.4.6 was just released. You are currently using 3.4.3.



    I don’t know what to say except that the weekend before Thanksgiving I downloaded the latest version on themeforest and upgraded. IT was a very time consuming process because it’s a big site and we have a lot to backup and a fair amount of customization. The fact that you guys are on 3.4.6 two weeks later makes me wonder if Themeforest isn’t keeping up with the updates or something. I literally just did this two weeks ago. I’ll have to wait until the weekend to try again. like I said it’s a bit time consuming to do.



    You can simply enter your username and API key in Enfold theme options – and recieve auto-updates. If you still do not receive them, Please try this plugin to clear WordPress transients:



    Unfortunately we have some customization on the theme so I can’t just have things auto-update. Had I realized the last update was going to break things I probably would have left it alone. As I said, I’ll have to wait until the weekend again when I have more time.



    You still have to click a button to do the update, it just checks for you to see if one is available.

    Best regards,

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