Framework Security Update and Newsletter Release

This weekend we have updated all themes that use the latest version of our AviaFramework (basically every theme listed on our theme overview page)

If you are using one of them, we recommend you to update your theme to the latest version since we improved security of multiple scripts. We are not aware of any sites that got compromised or even attacked by using those scripts, and its also rather unlikely that this will happen, due to the requirements necessary to do so. Updating is nevertheless the smart thing to do – as they say: better be safe than sorry ;)

We also got something new to get information like this faster to our customers:

Newsletter Release


In order to deliver information about updates and new releases faster we have also decided to send out Newsletters from now on. We will only do this occasionally: if we got theme updates to announce or release a new product. Probably a newsletter every month, no daily spam ;)

So we also encourage you to subscribe and stay up to date here

Happy updating and have a nice week!

8 replies
  1. Christian
    Christian says:

    I am shocked!
    Your new updates have as a result that all pictures vanished!
    This is bad news!
    Didn’t you do proper testing, before release?
    I regret that I bought the theme from you, which is also way overpriced.

    • Kriesi
      Kriesi says:

      This has nothing to do with our update, but with the latest WordPress version. Just update the theme to the latest version and you will be fine.

  2. Nilan
    Nilan says:

    Its great to see How Kiesi team gives importance to wp security and safeguard from hackers. Update Newsletter sounds great.

  3. Jake
    Jake says:

    Hi Kriesi

    Thats a good news you guys are giving more importance to security and I see it as good sign. Because one of clients website running wp was hacked because of poor theme quality and I have referred your wp themes to him.


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