Enfold Version 2.4 – Fullwidth Masonry Elements

A beautiful way to display your blog posts, products, portfolios or images

The next version of Enfold is out and among the usual small improvements, additional settings and bugfixes we have also added 2 new template builder element:

  1. Fullwidth Masonry Entries, which allows you to show almost any post type in a masonry layout: blog posts, portfolio entries, products, etc
  2. Fullwidth Masonry Gallery which allows you to display any number of image in a beautiful masonry


Both Tempalte Builder elements come with very similar options:

  • You can chose between no gap, 1px gap and 15px gap between each element
  • You can either use the natural image ratio (no cropping, great for photos) or use a predefined ratio that will display beautiful grids (great for portfolios and blogs)
  • You can chose to always display title + excerpt/caption, show them on mouse hover or hide them
  • You can display a default pagination, an ajax load more button or no option for additional items whatsoever

In addition the Entries can also be sorted by any registered wordpress taxonomy: categories, tags, post format, etc… You name it :)


As always Devin has recorded a short introduction video for the new Elements:

Hope you guys like it. Cheers!


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  1. RiK
    RiK says:

    Awesome stuff. Enfold just keeps getting better and better.

    It’s great to see you’re continuing to develop Enfold as so many theme authors forget about a theme once it’s released and just start on the next release.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    This is great, thanks for all the hard work.

    Few thoughts…
    1) Having upgraded, it looks like you can’t drop this in a color section and it’ll only go full width. Would be great if it would drop into a section and keep within the page boundaries like other content.
    2) It looks like there is some type of minimum width that the images will scale down to as the page resizes and when I add a gallery with 20 images, I get a maximum of 3-4 images spanning the page width depending on the browser size. For what I’m looking at, it would be nice for this to scale down the images to more thumbnail sizes (e.g. 150-200px) which you could control by specifying e.g. 6-8 images across the page width.
    Thanks for listening and for the great implementation.

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