Enfold Version 2.6 – Header Configurator, RTL Stlyesheet, Google Maps and more

Even more flexibility arrived with this version! The theme now allows you to configure the header just as you like

Enfold has always allowed to change the colors of your header at will and select from a few styling options, but some of the most common requests we got, like “how to increase/decrease the logo size”, “how to stick/unstick the header”, “how to change the position of the social icons” and “how to achieve header transparency”, always needed custom CSS. Well not anymore.

We decided to build a small configuration tool that allows you to do all that and more. In the process we were even able to remove some old and outdated scripts and styles, decreasing the css and javascript file size, which results in better performance of the theme :)

Here is one of those new options on our demo. Something which was previously not really possible but is now easily accomplished: The transparent header

But there is more:

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Enfold Version 2.5 – Fullscreen Video, Video Section, Parallax backgrounds and more

We added video support for all sliders and even sections!

Since you guys were very vocal about better video support of the theme we have recently added video support for our fullwidth and fullscreen slideshows and also added the option to display videos as a background for sections.

In addition to that, we further improved the color section element which now allows real parallax background images which scroll at a different speed than the rest of the site. You can see an example of the new feature here on the new demo frontpage which also ships with the latest version of the theme.

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Enfold Version 2.4 – Fullwidth Masonry Elements

A beautiful way to display your blog posts, products, portfolios or images

The next version of Enfold is out and among the usual small improvements, additional settings and bugfixes we have also added 2 new template builder element:

  1. Fullwidth Masonry Entries, which allows you to show almost any post type in a masonry layout: blog posts, portfolio entries, products, etc
  2. Fullwidth Masonry Gallery which allows you to display any number of image in a beautiful masonry

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Enfold Version 2.3: Say hello to our new iconfont uploader

Took a lot of Work but it is worth the wait!
We completely revamped the themes iconfont system

This was one of the most requested features in our Enfold Feature Request Thread. Using various Icon Font Sets, to get a different look and feel, and adding more social icons for the header, were the main reasons we recently sat down and completely revamped the Icon System of the theme.

Enfold still ships with the default font “Entypo” (of course with more social icons now), simply because its a beautiful and versatile iconfont, but you can now head over to Fontello.com, create a iconfont of your choice and upload it into our iconfont Manager. These icons can then be used across the site for all of our template builder elements and shortcodes :)
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Say hello to Enfold – our most popular WordPress Theme ever

By far the most popular theme we have ever created with almost 10,000 Sales at the time of writing this

I recently noticed that we have never introduced our latest theme “Enfold” on the blog. If you are following me either on twitter or on facebook there is no chance that you might have missed the rise of this theme. Its currently heavily outselling any of our other themes, and I tend to think thats because it is not only really well designed, but also extremely easy to use. First of all take a look at the theme yourself:

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