Rapid Prototyping in WordPress: 4 Essential Steps to Win More Customers

Learn how to use WordPress to build interactive prototypes for your future clients 

With every new client relationship comes the unknown element of just how technologically savvy they are. Even in cases of average capability, static wire framing can be a tedious process where clients misinterpret how the final product will work or lose interest in the project as it was proposed altogether.

A potential solution to this problem is rapid prototyping, which enables you to present the client with an interactive experience they understand while increasing their excitement about the end result and cultivating actionable feedback. WordPress makes rapid prototyping (relatively) easy, so much so that you can even use it as a marketing tool when pitching your work to potential customers.

In this post we’re going to explore the essentials for creating a rapid prototype with WordPress. By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to start rapid prototyping in WordPress for your clients! – Read more –

How to Create Your Own Awesome Landing Pages with Enfold

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and that’s nowhere truer than online.

User attention spans are notoriously short and competition has never been fiercer. Sooner or later, every site owner will be forced to bite the bullet and start building landing pages.

We recently covered five key lessons to be learned from classic landing page implementations here on Kriesi. This time around, we’re going to move from admiring the work of others to actually using the power of Enfold to build your own.

We’ll briefly recap the key points you should be hitting with landing pages, break down the Enfold demo landing page, and introduce the power and flexibility of Enfold’s layout builder to create your own solutions from scratch.

Let’s kick things off with a reminder of the boxes your landing page needs to tick.

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The Key Lessons You Can Learn from 5 Perfect Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most crucial parts of any site design. The difference between getting these right or wrong is one you’ll feel almost immediately in your pocket as a site owner.

Despite a proliferation of detailed landing page breakdowns online, we’ve all had that experience of clicking on an interesting looking ad or link only to be confronted with bland, low-impact content.

You only get one chance to make a first impression as the old saying goes and, for far too many sites out there, that initial encounter is a deeply underwhelming one. – Read more –

Enfold Version 3.4 – Newsletter integration, new headers, template builder improvements, new demos and more…

It’s been a while that we had an update this big… 

Version 3.4 of our popular Enfold theme comes with a lot of improvements and features in various areas. What we are especially proud of is the Mailchimp Newsletter integration that lets you connect Enfold without any plugins to your Mailchimp Account, so user can subscribe to your Newsletters directly.

When we startet building the feature the plan was to simply include styles for one of the more common Mailchimp plugins, but we soon discovered that all the plugins (although often well coded and with lots of features) lacked the simple user interface our customers are now used to. So we built our own. And if you have ever used our form builder you will notice that the mailchimp builder is pretty similar and equally easy to use…

But there is so much more than just the Newsletter API…

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How to Create a Multilingual Site With Enfold

English language websites have been the backbone of WordPress’ rise to the top of the CMS market to date, but the rest of the world is queueing up to join the party.

Somewhat astonishingly, though providing multilingual content is an increasingly common site requirement, WordPress still does not have tools built into core to manage this. Users around the world have long turned to WPML as the standout plugin solution for WordPress and it’s the recommended option for supporting multilingual content in Kriesi themes.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the WPML plugin, step through how to set it up with our best-selling Enfold theme and finish with some pointers regarding multilingual SEO.

Let’s begin with some background on why providing multilingual sites is so important.

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6 Life Lessons From the Year Without Pants

A few lessons you will be able to learn from this great book 

Whether you’re a designer, developer, business owner – or mixture of all three in the case of theme developers – the way you go about your business will almost certainly have altered dramatically over the last number of years.

Trying to keep pace with the rate of change in WordPress and beyond can often feel like a full-time job in itself – witness the looming challenge of the WordPress REST API for example.

One of the best ways of staying ahead of the curve is by examining the unorthodox success strategies of this generation’s new wave of billion dollar businesses. At the top of that particular tree in the WordPress world is, of course, Automattic. – Read more –