Enfold 5.0 – Parallax

Enfold 5.0 in a Nutshell: Parallax, Positioning, Animation & Transformation

The latest Version of Enfold comes with plenty new options to create modern websites with advanced element positioning, animation and movement features. We also decided that it’s time to create new demos again so we can show you most of these amazing features in our new Parallax Demo :)

In addition to the new demo and those awesome parallax effects we added a lot of new fancy animations like the “curtain reveal” effect that you can also see in the demo, zooming effects for slideshows, 3D transform options like scale, skew and rotate for images and a lot of other features that keep your website fresh and dynamic.

We are also already working on Enfold 6.0 and got some amazing stuff prepared. First Sneak Peeks will follow soon. Meanwhile enjoy this release. And if you want to see the full list of features and updates:

So whats new with this one?

Here is the list of all the changes ;)
Version 5.0

New demo: https://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-parallax/

feature: added position options (responsive) to:
– Image
– Button
– Columns

feature: added “Curtain Reveal Animations” (found in Animations Dropdown) to:
– Image
– Columns
– Masonry
– Masonry Gallery

feature: added Animations Dropdown to:
– Button

feature: added parallax option (responsive) to:
– Image
– Columns

feature: added transform options (perspective, rotate3d, scale3d, skew, translate3d) (responsive) to:
– Image

feature: added options to scale (zoom) and opacity for images when slide becomes active:
– Easy Slider
– Fullwitdh Easy Slider

feature: minimum column height in % of surrounding layout container

feature: theme option to disallow background image parallax and delayed animations on mobile (Performance Tab) – changed to be allowed by default
feature: added swipe to all devices supporting touch screens (not only to mobile devices)
feature: Extended Animations Dropdown with “Advanced Fade Animations”, “Special Advanced Animations”

feature: ALB Horizontal Gallery added rotation and styling options
feature: ALB PostSlider added Navigation Dots
feature: ALB Testimonial Slider added navigation styling and animation options
feature: Adjusted options (and new options) for most sliders – under progress:
– Slider Control Styling
– Show Navigation Arrows and Dots (or none)
– Custom colors for Navigation Arrows and Dots
– Transitions and speed
– Autorotate, end with last slide
– Disable/Enable manual rotate (hide corresponding Navigation Arrows)

feature: WPML global layout theme options – keep in sync options for all languages
feature: added support for RankMath SEO plugin (active beta)

tweak: CSS Burger Menu – remove space above mobile menu in landscape orientation and mobile devices
tweak: support image links for slideshows with first slides caption as permanent caption
tweak: option to add “alb templates” to top of page (not only to bottom)
tweak: add option “Use custom link (fallback is image link)” to ALB Masonry Gallery
tweak: ALB Tab Section new option “Deeplink String” (Advanced Tab -> Developer Settings) to set a custom link hash

fixed: Block editor and ALB Tab Section have strange behaviour in backend
fixed: Accordion Slider division by zero if no entries or images
fixed: Anchor column link not working when set to open in the same window
fixed: Block editor typography letter spacing not working
fixed: Google Search only allows 1 tag FAQPage

tweak: jQuery 3.0 remove deprecated $.proxy in all theme files:
– enfold\config-gutenberg\js\avia_gutenberg.js
– enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\slideshow\slideshow.js
– enfold\config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/slideshow_accordion/slideshow_accordion.js
– enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\slideshow_fullscreen\slideshow_fullscreen.js
– enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\menu\menu.js
– enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\assets\js\avia-tab-section.js
– enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\assets\js\avia-tooltip.js
– enfold\js\avia.js
– enfold\js\shortcodes.js
– enfold\framework\js\avia_sidebar.js
– enfold\framework\js\conditional_load\avia_google_maps_api.js
– enfold\framework\js\conditional_load\avia_google_maps_front.js
– enfold\framework\js\conditional_load\avia_google_recaptcha_api.js

tweak: jQuery 3.0 remove deprecated $.fn.focus() in js\aviapopup\jquery.magnific-popup.js

updated: sync all language files version 5.0 (close to final release)
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 5.0 provided by EZWebdesign – Roger Hoen )


tweak: support json string for slideshow options in HTML (data-slideshow-json=”…”)

added conditional body classes:
– ‘pointer-device-undefined’, ‘pointer-device-fine’, ‘pointer-device-coarse’, ‘pointer-device-coarse-only’, ‘pointer-device-none’,
– ‘touch-device’, ‘no-touch-device’

added: class aviaPopupTemplatesPlugins

added: filter ‘avf_css_rules_position’ – allows to alter position rules top bottom left right
added: filter ‘avf_css_rules_animation_duration’ – allows to alter animation-duration rules
added: filter ‘avf_css_rules_animation_delay’ – allows to alter animation-delay rules
added: filter ‘avf_css_rules_transition_duration’ – allows to alter transition-duration rules
added: filter ‘avf_el_styling_responsive_styles_skip’ – skip creating rules on element basis
added: filter ‘avf_get_global_option_keys’ – modify global options key attributes before adding to internal logic
added: filter ‘avf_is_global_option’ – remove a global option attribute

deprecated: AviaHelper::css_4value_helper() no longer needed
removed: $.AviaParallaxElement – replaced by AviaObjectParallaxElement in enfold\js\avia-snippet-parallax.js

renamed: function sonar_keyframes -> keyframes
renamed: filter ‘avf_css_rules_sonar_keyframes’ -> ‘avf_css_rules_keyframes’