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    I would prefer a more friendly picture on the start page!

    Mostly fitness companies uses happy people practacing sports ;)



    I had it to start with but with the height and width of the image and the responsive layout it was hard to get a photo with a human in it to look good because of the cropping.

    Any ideas on this?


    Enfold has turned into my go-to theme for all projects. It’s really flexible. Here are a couple that we recently completed: This site is about to have some significant WooCommerce customization, but overall it works really well.

    Thanks for the great platform Kriesi!


    Finally with some customization:

    I like Enfold and recommend it every day.


    This is my website about protein supplements. It is is Danish but you get the idea :-)



    Good job Guys! As always, thank you for using the theme!

    Keep more awesome websites coming! :)




    I am looking for a professional homepage design company or person for a multi-languages ​​(about 14 languages​​) international business homepage, the contents will be translated, prepared and sorted from a translation company professionally. The homepage contents will be each language about 70-80 pages.

    Do you have any recommendations?


    We have built multiple sites using enfold and have also worked on sites with multiple languages. Do you want to share a few more details about your project privately? info at zerozendesign dot com



    Thank you for your answer,

    Of course, We can and will give more infomations if possible. We really need a Professional Web Design Company, our company is young but will work in international area. Bevor we share informations about us or our company, we want to see some references but your homepage is not available!

    We are looking forward and pleased for more recommendations and offers.

    Best Regards


    @alexpaulec #116514

    Great website!

    How did you create your frontpage with the image with ‘Real Strategy’ headline and the Blockquote? I’m lost in terms finding the right option to insert my image in, where I also have the option the insert a Blockquote…?

    Which Layout, Content or Media elements did you use – and did you do any separate coding to make it work?

    In advance – thanks for your help !!!



    Let’s move this conversation to email so we don’t tie up forum traffic. info at zerozendesign dot com.

    #251911 is the latest design from gotopublishing dot com. Great theme to work with.

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    How did you make the website such that onclick of a link in the menu bar directs the webpage to scroll down to the relevant section?

    Your help is appreciated! Thanks


    absurdity69 – that’s a function built into Enfold. You add a new color section and assign it an ID. Then in your menu you create a custom link with yourdomain/#ID.


    Thanks sundialstudios! Is there a tutorial for this or what can I search to find out more? I just bought Enfold/Wordpress yesterday so Im very new with this. Where is the “new color section”?


    absurdity69 – this isn’t the forum for quesitons, but you can see their videos here:



    : Thanks for helping out. :)

    @absurdity: If you have any questions, definitely take some time to review all of the resources in the Theme Documentation as a lot of basic stuff like theme installation, css snippets etc are already available in there with better explation and awesomeness. You can also watch some of our Video Tutorials to learn more about the theme.

    Best regards,


    Hi, new website for a customer :

    This site is part of a set powered by WordPress MU.




    And here’s my (dutch) site:

    Love Enfold and the fact that it keeps getting better and better. Hope you guys will keep adding cool features for a loooong time :-)



    Q to DJ,

    How did you place an image in the background of the icon box?



    Hi Talelie,

    On which page did I do that? :-)

    Regards, DJ


    Hi DJ,

    at your homepage i gues, where its written: DIACONAAL OP WEG


    Hi Talelie,

    ah, that’s a color section that uses an image instead of a color as background.



    Ok, but how did you pul a color or image behind the icon-boxes?
    can you show me with screen print or so?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Tal,

    Let’s continue this outside of this forum. Can I email you a screenshot?



    Sure, my email is (Email address hidden if logged out)



    New version of my website is online. It’s a mix between portfolio photos and a small blog.
    Please take a look and let me know what you think!

    Kind regards,



    Habe meine Website jetzt auch auf Enfold umgestellt :))
    Just changed my website to Enfold :))


    My site is a work-in-progress. It was using another theme, it was a mess, they hired me to come in and fix it, but I need a backhoe. lol.

    Some pages are updated, some are not. I do as much as I can as fast as I can.


    Enfold is now my #1 WP theme choice. I love its flexibility – I can use it on multiple sites and end up with very different and unique looks. I love the features – they make it easy to skip the programming and fully focus on content and design.
    So far I have finished one Enfold site, but there are more coming:

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