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    @ANKirschner: Nice work! Please upgrade to Enfold 2.0 if you’re experiencing any issues. :)




    Hi All

    Just wanted to say a really big thanks for Enfold.

    It enabled me to get a new site out there in a very short time with a simple and neat look for Iridium Fountain Pens.

    Expect it to go ecommerce with Woocommerce very soon.

    Any and all feedback appreciated.





    Nice work :)

    Best regards,



    This is a work in progress but client is happy so far, custom headers, misc other tweaks… Thank you…


    2 new client sites to show off!

    Like I’ve said previously, there’s nothing I can’t do with this theme ;) About 95% done with another client site. Will post again soon!


    Yeah, this theme is great.

    Here’s the latest version of our site,



    Just wanted to share this:

    It is pure fun to work with enfold, great theme, outstanding support, first class community. Nothing that can`t be done with this combination.

    Thanks guys.

    Cheers, Sebastian.



    Nice websites!

    Thank you for using the Enfold theme. :)




    I was on a fence which theme to choose, and I’m glad I got Enfold

    thank you



    Thank you for choosing Enfold. Your site looks great :)




    The more I use Enfold the more I love it. You were right is the last theme I’ll ever need.



    Hey Guys,

    we just went live today with our new StartUp and we integrated a heavily modified orderflow for our woocommerce shop in Enfold, so customers can buy subscriptions in different ways. Also heavily modified the wirecard plugin and added risk management and scoring. Enfold as base was a charme to integrate all the changes and thx to to the Kriesi team for the great suppport.

    Our site:



    It’s been very neat seeing a variety of sites. My website had been built with Expression Web. For many many months now I’ve been thinking of changing it over to WordPress. It was very difficult choosing a theme. A friend pointed me towards Enfold and helped me set it up and now I have a new, modern website!


    Hello all – we just launched a B2B page:

    The page is about drilling for water and all kinds of natural resources.

    By now it is german only, but english and some other languages will come soon.

    The site consists of almost 60 single pages


    hi, this is the current small business website for my store,

    it first started out with the replete theme but after the last wordpress update i made the change to enfold and

    its the best thing ive ever done, this theme makes it so easy to change and build pages, its amazing!!



    The Vacuum Guy


    Here we go with my two sites

    I had my own theme for the two sites almost finished when I stumbled over Enfold and found this is the perfect theme for me. So I decided to drop my own development and started using Enfold.


    New UK school site built with Enfold. Integrated with Events Calendar, S2Member, Gravity Forms and a few other plugins.

    Hope you like ?


    I’ve been using wordpress themes long time ago, but this theme it’s really, really good…

    Here my own website:

    Sorry about work area (portfolio) only having few works, but i’m working on it – to many work doesn’t let me finish my own website :D


    Paulo Soares



    Nice work Paulo! Awesome designs. :)




    I love this theme! I own several Kreisi themes and I love them all but this one allows you to be more creative with your layouts. I’m seriously considering changing my other site to this theme.

    Here’s my current Enfold site:




    Hello guys, two sites currently under Enfold (2 more to come):

    My personal website pro:

    The last site set production

    Good visits … :)





    just bumping in presenting as multilanguage site using WPML.

    Progress is still ongoing (especially translation stuff). Don’t blame me for that navigation – customer choice and I had to do it.

    Not that much changes mostly CSS (can be found in some of ym other posts) and some javascript opts. Alaso made some mods to the iconbox having it fully linked (custom graphic icons are done by CSS), changed the portfolio ordering to random and made some backend tweaks to the avia builder.

    Still expiriencing some weird behaviours with WPML and the layout builder, but this sticks to WPML (and partly to Enfold/Avia).

    Looking forward to use Enfold in another project where the navigation will be completly rewritten with a fresh approach and a big addition to the portfolio (selective category display with attached single item slider, maybe with instanced ajax portfolio preview).

    Thanks to the support guys who kept up in solving the difficult probs!




    Great job guys! Keep them coming. :)




    Thanks for a great theme. This is your best one yet.

    Tim Hester Photography


    Looks great THP!


    The new website for Bioservo Technologies (Sweden) came online a couple of day ago: – a company that has developed a kind of robotic glove that persons with weak grip can use. I have tried the product and it is a really exciting feeling when the fingers move by themselves (with the help of the wires in the glove).

    Right now it is only available in Swedish, an English version is being built behind the scenes.

    I have used the child theme and played around a bit. The menu has been moved since a long menu and a logo does not work very well out-of-the-Enfold-box. The Event Calendar from has been added but other that that this website is pretty much stock (Enfoldish).

    Thank you very much for all the support given here. It has been a real pleasure working with Enfold. Every time my client asked for something, there were solutions to be found here or somewhere hidden in the Avia builder :)


    Hejsan Björn,

    I really would like to try one of them one day. As i see from pictures they are designed for the most important 3 fingers for gripping. Some time ago i saw a video of Bebionic3. I know they are not the same but, unbelievable.

    By the way, modified header looks awesome :)




    HI, my last job for a friend:





    : Your friend must be really happy. Good job. :)


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