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    I think this thread can be very useful especially if you search for inspiration :)
    Feel free to link to your website and show us what you have done with Enfold. Once we got enough samples we will probably create a showcase section on the theme demo itself :)


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    Website of the user who requested the showcase thread:




    I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Enfold.

    I got to redo my product page and here is what I came up with:


    hello bradysheare, good site,



    Great website. Good job. :)





    when i came across Enfold, it made switch our music school`s website from joomla to wordpress, finally. Admittedly, i hesitated for several month to make the change, since i was not that familiar with WP, but Enfold did the job – after two weeks testing time and hopefully an update for the 1200px portfolio grid issue, the site will be online by june. – have fun with it.

    Cheers, Sebastian.


    I’m using Enfold on my website located at Still trying to customize some stuff but getting there slowly. :)



    Nice page!

    How did you get the background image at the bottom of your page where it says NEUGIERIG GEWORDEN?

    And how did you get two lines of menus on the same column in the megamenu? Like under MUSIKUNTERRICHT.


    Hi Patrick,

    thanks for liking my site. Let`s see how to deconstruct these features:

    1. NEUGIERIG GEWORDEN is a coloured section, set to alternate content and instead of using a bg color, i set a background image with:

    Background Image Position: Center/center

    Background Repeat: Stretch to fit

    Background Attachment: fixed, added large padding and that´s it. I wanted the boxes to scroll on top of the image.

    2. For the menu i am using the ubermenu plugin, but basically the structure is:

    Item level 1 (triggers the flyout)

    – item level 2 (like KINDERMUSIK or INSTRUMENTE)

    — subitem 1 to level 2

    — subitem 2 to level 2

    — subitem 3 to level 2

    – next item level 2

    Hope, this is of some help for you.

    Cheers, Sebastian.


    Looking good everyone :)


    Thanks for the tips, mirzepapa! Will def try this out :)


    Here’s my site:

    Take a look and let me know what’s good and what’s bad. Thank you in adcance!


    Looking very good, medienvirus! If I may be curious, what customizations did you make to the theme if any?


    I made not very much customizations for now, changed only some colours, other branding, used a lot of the avia-options and such stuff. for me websites – especially responsive websites doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. so the template is fine as is. also i don’t have the time to make my own website that good as the template already is.

    but there are some changes planned in near feature. for example i will create a matte-painting background, which is getting more and more detailed over time. this is also getting close to the conceptional thinking of “living websites”, but not only in content also in design.


    Very nice use of the slider and layout options!

    Glad you are enjoying the theme features and have made such good use of things :)


    here is my site:

    in progress – not finished yet




    Looking good so far Nicole. Nice to see some color and of course cute dogs :)


    Just put up our site on Thursday.

    I really enjoyed putting this together and the support team here rocks! Thanks guys!!!

    – John



    Thanks for the kind words :)

    Best regards,




    Good job, that site looks great. How did you do the moving slider, I need to look into this :)



    @jthehijinx,. That is a long stream of company logo on a single image. I think jwferne duplicated the layers a few times to make it seamless. Nice work. :)




    Ismael is correct. That’s how I did it.


    – John


    Good to see some different kinds of effects coming out with the theme features! So much that can be done with Enfold!


    Great job on the seamless logo sliding effect. Very nice.


    Hello, here is my page:

    I use the theme for a photo blog.



    ich bin von eurer Arbeit absolut begeistert! Noch nie zuvor konnte ich meine Ideen so einfach umsetzen.

    Die Funktionalität des Theme ist überwältigend.

    Habt vielen Dank dafür!

    Grüße Frank

    Meine Seite:

    Nick: If that's Enfold I would eat my shoe. I said wow at first.



    Great websites :)




    Hallo Peter,

    ich werde mit enfold eine komplett neue Seite für mein Ferienhaus bauen.

    Die ist unter zu finden.

    Der Eintrag zuvor führt zu meiner bisherigen Seite und kann gelöscht werden!

    Nochmals vielen Dank für eure super Arbeit.




    It’s nice to see so many different looks come out of a single theme. Some creativity flowing out of this topic. Nice!




    I’ve been a long time user of shoutbox and recently I’ve completed my first enfold site: found it great to use, and very flexible.

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