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    Great work – I love the color combination (blue, white & grey).



    I designed a few websites so far with this awesome theme. This is my favorite, although it never did get published.


    Just fresh onto the wobbly web.

    2 TV commercials, 18 YouTube videos, 1 YouTube channel and 1 website using Enfold. Thanks for fantastic support, great theme, nicely coded, versatile and expandable. And it only took 245 hours from “what do you want to do?” until “it’s done.” That includes all the content, SEO, under the hood configuration, video shoots, editing. The Enfold theme made it all possible. Thank you.


    I think that this topic can be very useful indeed, but may be a good idea for a moderator to clean up this topic every now and then. In this topic there are namely some links to websites that (no longer) use the Enfold theme and use another WP theme instead, or links to websites that no longer exist.

    I personally am very satisfied with the Enfold theme and I find it a very user-friendly theme with a great support. Thums up for the Kriesi team!

    Well, one of the sites that I have done with Enfold is (only in Dutch language).



    Here’s my site: (German)

    Check out the LayerSlider :-). It works best with WebKit-Browsers (uses blur-effect for Parallax-Elements Slide #2 and #4).

    On Slide #3 I tried to emulate a Unix terminal. You can type “j” or “n” :-).



    Great idea! Personally I would increase the user interaction time a bit (maybe 500ms to 1s) because it takes some time for the user to notice that some user interaction is possible/required.

    Best regards,



    erstmal ein großes Lob an die fleißigen Entwickler. Weiter so, erstklassige Arbeit!
    Wir nutzen eine angepasste Enfold Version für unseren Schnäppchen Blog mit automatischen Preis-Such-Algorithmus und Preisverläufen.
    Sollte jemand Fragen haben, immer her damit :-) (German)


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    @perdrosierra: Please open a new thread for theme related issues. Thanks!

    : Good job! I like the domain name. :)



    Hi, I have created my friend’s site with my Favaourite WP theme, Enfold:




    : Thank you for using the theme! Nice work. You’ve got a very lucky friend. :)

    Best regards,


    Hi there,

    awesome jobs, everybody!

    Please feel free to check out my recently updated Enfold-Website. English version coming soon…

    I’m creating websites with my brand “WEBIGAMI” (WEB+ORIGAMI).

    Cheers from Hamburg, Germany.

    Jan :)

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    @ sevsh Hi Kay :)

    Coole Seite. In mir steckt auch ein kleiner Nerd, der immer auf Schnäppchenjagd ist. Werde also immer mal wieder raufschauen. Nutzt du ein Plugin für das Einbinden der Deals?

    Ich möchte selber auch gerne eine Preisvergleichsseite erstellen. Aber eher in Richtung oder gü – mit dem Unterschied, dass ich mich auf ganz bestimmte Angebote fokussiere.

    Kennst du Templates, die dafür geeignet wären? Und weißt du, wie man an die Affiliate-Links/Datenbanken gezielt rankommt? Oder weißt du, ob man dafür viel Geld in die Hand nehmen müsste?

    Danke im voraus,
    Jan :)


    Friends, here is recently redesign site, I will appreciate your feedback / suggestions.


    @ jansthh
    Danke für dein Feedback. Nein leider gibt es kein Plugin, dass unseren benötigten Funktionsumfang liefert. Ich habe diese Funktionalitäten daher selbst programmiert.
    Templates die eher in Richtung Preisvergleich gehen kenne ich nicht, aber ich denke es geht so ziemlich in diese Richtung:

    Für die Umwandlung in Affiliate-Links gibt es sogenannte “Link Cloaker” Plugins. Diese ermöglichen meist eine automatische Umwandlung von Ebay, Amazon etc. und weiteren Affiliatepartnern wie Adgoal, Adwash, etc.

    An Produktdaten kommt man ran, wenn man bspw. bei oder Zanox die entsprechenden Partnerprogramme mit den jeweiligen Shops hat. Danach kann man mittels API (in dem Fall dann die API) immer die aktuellen Produktdaten der jeweiligen Partner beziehen.

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    I have submitted my site here before but I have updated it with many of the new magazine post features and the accordion slider. We are doing 50-80K unique views a month right now and hope to be at about a million uniques a month by the end of the year.

    I would be interested in any feedback from the regulars on here. I love Enfold and it has allowed me to grow my website as if I had hired my own development team. Rock on.


    Hi! I’m Christian Ronchi and work for Ubisoft since 2001 as Artist.
    This is my site:



    All I wanted was to upgrade my blog. I am not a web developer, but Enfold has allowed me to do something beyond my wildest dreams. A great theme and a great support forum. My blog is:

    Best regards, Nick



    Keep up the good work!

    : Nice website. A high resolution and transparent logo would be nice.

    : Which came first advertisement or product? Awesome content, no wonder you’re getting that kind of traffic.

    : Must be nice working for Ubisoft! Good job on the portfolio!

    : Curious title, duck and roses. The posts there made me hungry. Nice blog! :)

    Best regards,


    Thank you sir. We try to make sure it is a content focused site for sure but we are also trying to turn it into a product.

    Do you guys have any recommended developers that might be interested in an ongoing relationship?



    Do you need a html/css developer (= designer) or more a php/wordpress developer who is familiar with the theme/framework code?


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    Hi, my last customer website with Enfold :



    Wow, this one looks great! Took me second to identify enfold behind your site ;-)


    Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

    Great theme, here is our website :


    Nice use of video backgrounds Huyle!



    My name is Peter and I live in the UK. I am a total novice and can’t write a line of code. Enfold helped me switch from “web page maker” to WordPress. If Enfold had not have been so easy I would never of made the change.

    My 1st website. It still needs work but I feel it is getting there

    Enfold ROCKS!!!



    I’m happy to say that my enfold themed WP site is up and running. It’s a great theme, and I’m really happy with the end result. You can check it out here:



    As always, thank you all for using the theme!

    : Nice font graphic. The logo is sweet!

    @Pete: Where can I find those ladies? Good job on the website. :)

    : Piano Fingers page looks great. Those kids are geniuses.

    @Jean: It doesn’t look like Enfold at all. Awesome job on the modifications. :)

    : You can try Envato Studio or Werkpress for further customization.



    Here is my Work all done with the Enfold theme and sometimes heavily customized /
    you can not see the Theme any more ;-)

    I want to give youthe idea to customize the Navigation Sticky bar. Maybe you can add the effect that when the user scrolls down – the navigation hides / when he scrolls up the navi appears?? could be a cool feature like in the particle theme

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    Please I need help, nothing seems to work.

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /hermes/bosweb26a/b1805/ipg.ctavila75com/genland /wp-content/themes/enfold/

    Theme install failed.

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description
    enfold Stylesheet is missing.

    Unpacking the package…

    The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

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