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    I just launched a new website for my company Life Engineering, entirely using enfold. I used lots of color sections that have images with horizontal separators above them with negative pixel settings. That causes the image to bridge the two sections for a nice effect (if you are using transparent png images).

    I’ve worked with dozens of themes, but by far Enfold is the best, most reliable, easiest to learn, and most flexible. – Take control of your life


    Hi Rusty,

    great and beautiful site. Very clean. I read your story on your website too, very inspiring and motivational. Amazing :)



    I’ve been developing WordPress sites for quite a few years now. This is best premium theme I’ve found. The Avia Framework is great. Well designed and a pleasure to use.


    I’ve developed my new website with Enfold. Great theme. I’d like to share it with you.


    Check out the mobile navigation – i am really proud of it! :)


    Hey Liminalty, nice site.

    I like how the top menu bar disappears when you scroll down so only the main menu bar stays. I haven’t seen an option for this, so can I ask how you did that?


    Hi Davye

    look in the <head> section for ” <!– STICKY HEADER ANFANG –> ”
    there you’ll find it ;)

    thanks for your feedback!



    And in which file would that be?


    header.php ;-)


    Strange, that’s where I looked and can’t find anything even close to what you said.

    Perhaps we’re not on the same theme then. :)


    No it is not there normaly my favorite programer added this for me :)

    But maybe you can copy/paste it to your theme.

    i used the enfold theme.

            <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
        <script type="text/javascript">
        jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
            var scroller,
                element = $(window),
                navi = $('.sticky-navigation'),
                ontop = true,
                threshold = navi.offset().top;
            navi.wrap('<div class="sticky-wrapper" />');
            navi.each(function() {
                var $this;
                $this = $(this);
                return true;
            scroller = function () {
                var t = element.scrollTop(), tt = false,
                    $body = $(document.body), h, hh;
                if (t > threshold && ontop) {
                    ontop = false;
                    tt = true;
                } else if (t <= threshold && !ontop) {
                    ontop = true;
                    tt = true;
                if (tt) {
                    navi.toggleClass('stuck', !ontop);
                if ($body.css('position') == 'absolute' && navi.hasClass('stuck')) {
                    h = parseInt($body.css('left'), 10);
                    hh = true;
                    if (!h) {
                        h = parseInt($body.css('right'), 10);
                        hh = false;
          'add margin ' + hh + ' ' + h);
                    navi.css('margin-left', (hh ? h : -h)).css('margin-right', (hh ? -h : h));
                } else {
          'remove margins');
                    navi.css('margin-left', 0).css('margin-right', 0);
            element.bind('resize', scroller);
            element.bind('scroll', scroller);
            window.__topBarScroller = scroller;
        <!-- STICKY HEADER ENDE -->  

    you’ll need this part i think


    Unfortunately it won’t work. Thanks for the info, though. Perhaps one day it will be added to the theme by default.


    Our latest custom designed website using this awesome theme > Oculus ID.

    However, we struggling to make the background pictures respond in mobile view. Any suggestions?


    Awesome theme! My favorite to date. .. Here is our site. Hope it provides some inspiration.. .

    Congratulation on a job REALLY well done.


    Awesome – Pictures! Nice bforliano

    Check mine out ;)


    Here is an enfold site for inspiration. It is a Toronto summer design camp for high school students

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    bforliano > Well done!

    Would love to know the layout of the Home page.

    rsbell AT


    With the tansparent header, my biggest Point on the wishlist came true. And so i finally could set up our website as i thought it should be from the very First moment:

    Great theme, especially the permanent struggle To Male it Even better, combined with an outstanding support.

    Cheers, Sebastian.


    fantastic!! like the transparent header!


    Hi there,

    Here we are working on our new responsive website with this theme.

    We had a custom design which we wanted to work out in custom coding. But then we saw this theme and wanted to try and create our design with it. Worked out fine, final adjustments are just a little more complex.

    We are now working out some mobile css on logo, header, menu, images and font-sizes.
    When that is done we start filling the rest of the pages and go live!

    It’s in Dutch, maybe in the future we’ll translate the website.

    Got any critism, remarks, suggestions, improvements or complaints? Please let us know!

    Kind regards, Wouter.


    Here is our custom Enfold :
    A lot of customisations…


    I really like the way jwferne has tweaked the menu on his site How do you do that?



    Hi ;
    My first wordpress website (not finished yet) for a podiatrist.
    With one of the best premium themes ; Enfold.

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    My site on russian language.


    Hey @Heathcliffe, do you realise that’s not actually an Enfold site?


    Happy to share with you my site, built with Enfold theme:



    Hi, my last webdesign online :
    French White Wine Sauternes. :p :D
    Good visit…


    Hi There!
    I have been working with the Enfold theme now for about 7 months and I update my website every 4 months to coincide with the changing seasons. This also gives me a good excuse to try some of the new features. I really love the Masonry blog – looking forward to more new features soon!



    @RichardOlphin, thanks Richard. No I assumed that this was and ENFOLD Theme showcase not a free-for-all. Why did @Dude let him post it here?
    @Monique, Great site :)


    Great theme!

    Her is mine:

    Its all in Swedish though ;). Its the Swedish equivalent of Register of fitness professionals.

    Hope you guys like it!

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