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    I’ve not got any specifically for artists. When you say artist – Do you mean a painter or graphic designer – Or do you mean a musician.

    Enfold can be made to look however you want it to look. It is a theme that includes a complex page builder. So it should be suitable for your needs.

    If you wanted – The client could find a theme that they like and you could make Enfold look exactly the same as it – But with the flexibility and reliability of Enfold.


    hi newmediologo,

    not a recent one of my projects with Enfold but still nice looking … for a musician:

    best regards


    Hi Susi,

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,


    Thanks @tashi-11, beautiful site..:) Need samples for a painter/sculptor..


    Here’s one of my sites, which I did with Enfold. More to come … Hope you like it!


    Thanks @coldstreamer.. Beautiful site but I wish to see a site for a painter/sculptor..:)


    I have one, and it uses Enfold. The only problem is that the owner wanted an extremely flat and boring design, so I don’t showcase it! I will have a really cool one in September for a fashion designer …



    Thanks for sharing @coldstreamer :-)

    Best regards,


    Bespoke Ecommerce for a phone case retailer here in the UK.

    place4acase – iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases

    place4acase are suppliers and retailers of high quality phone cases for iphone and samsung galaxy devices. The company is based in the UK and are able to sell and distribute throughout the world. They work with artists to provide unique phone case designs available in matte, glossy and reinforced options.

    The site is based on a modified version of Enfold with WooCommerce. We also use the excellent WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin from Code Canyon

    The site also uses The Smash Baloon Instragram Feed Plugin.

    The following modifications have been made:
    -Changed the product page layout with CSS so the thumbnails are beside the image rather than next to it
    -Moved the single product image over and made it larger so it is displayed more prominently
    -custom header and menu structure with mobile first design
    -product pages tweaked with sidebars removed and widget based filters for navigation

    The site scores up to 95/100 in mobile speed testing and up to 100/100 on desktops
    (Note that ther is currently a bug in the new PayPal plugin causing the mini cart JS to load on every page. This does reduce scores to 85/100 until the new release – This post was created 04/08/2022)

    Think Jarvis uses an optimised performance stack for Enfold that includes
    – 500 lines of code in functions.php
    – font pre-loads
    – lazyloading images
    – baspoke ht access settings
    – 8 core VPS server shared with other optimised sites only
    – Caching
    – Image compression and WebP generation
    – Lazy Load JS on top of Enfolds HTML option so that the Instagram Feed is Lazy Loaded
    – Critical CSS generator
    – Bespoke Enfold settings

    Let me know if you have any feedback :)

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    Thanks for sharing @thinkjarvis :-)

    Best regards,


    I was wondering if anyone has come across enfold used for a cafe theme with and without an ordering process included?

    Just after a little inspiration.



    Hey I put this together a year or so ago. It uses enfolds menu building tools. It also has woocommerce for bakery sales.

    If you have not already seen it there is a demo of a restaurant.

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    Thanks for the reply, Nice to see. I’ve used the restaurant theme in the past but was wondering what other may have produced.

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