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    Easiest and most feature rich theme I have ever used. Development time was cut in half for this project. I’ve purchased and used many themes from Theme forest but this one is by far the best. This is the web site we put together in just over a week. I’m still amazed at how fast the site came together.


    Glad you like it JeroneRichards :)

    Sites look good everyone!!


    @jerone ,

    hi nice site, how did you change the socket nav link color? from home to contact us? Thanks

    [Edit: Nick] The css below will change the socket link color to red:

    .socket_color a, .socket_color .widget_first, .socket_color strong, .socket_color b, .socket_color b a, .socket_color strong a, .socket_color #js_sort_items a:hover, .socket_color #js_sort_items a.active_sort, .socket_color .special_amp, .socket_color .taglist a.activeFilter {
    color: red;



    Please don’t use this thread for questions. It’s a showcase thread and not intended for support requests, etc…

    Best regards,



    My site still needs some work to finish everything – but hopefully it is worth a look already:

    I like the Enfold theme a lot and appreciate the pro support here!




    Looks great Detlef! Love the custom coloring on the icon list icons :)


    My website is running the Enfold Theme, love it!! Especially the layout editor.

    Please drop by and view my new website:



    @aweterings: Awesome wildlife photography. :)



    #116482 – I am still in the process of rolling everything out, right now, the focus is my tutorial pagesm then the articles, then the rest :)


    Great work Spinner! I love the idea of putting the whole blog post for tutorials into two tabs!!



    my new site… … it was very easy to work with the theme :) Good work




    Really nice and clean jo :)


    We have made with Enfold and somebody wrote us: “This is the best Website in Germany!” :-D


    Hello guys ,

    I want to show you what I have done so far with my site . This is the first theme I have ever bought and I’m planning to use this for my future clients. At first it was hard to customize because of the lack of documentation but the support staff was very helpful in answering my questions ( sorry about that ).

    There’s a few stuff I need to tweak first to finally , footer design , footer not showing in blog , edit portfolio images ,homepage buttons need to be alligned in lower resolutions or mobile ) and it’s finished =)



    @dsgnerfw: Awesome site! The slider is very creative.

    NOTE: If you are planning to use the theme again, you should probably buy the Extended License. :)




    Can I just say thank you to you all for sharing what you have built using the Enfold theme.

    I am brand new to WordPress and the Enfold theme. I dont know anything about coding or CSS so find it hard to customise, but i don’t need to with the Enfold theme.

    I transferred my site over from another theme and it was easy. My site ( is no where near as sophisticated as the ones shown here but now that I have the Enfold theme, I will be updating and changing over time.

    Thank you so much for building this theme, it seriously has saved me thousands of dollars.


    I’ve been following Kriesi’s work and downloading his templates for some time now. I have to say that Enfold is a quantum leap in regards to building websites.

    Finally I can spend more time designing the look and structure of my sites knowing they will work beautifully on any device especially mobile phones.

    I would like to congratulate Kriesi and his team for such a brilliant product (and service) and for that Milestone you reached through Themeforest, well done.

    Here is my site I launched 2 days ago. I only used a small amount of CSS coding, namely for the fonts and to change the colour of the line under the main header section. Apart from that I was able to design this pretty much how I composed it in photoshop.


    Jamie Russ



    Great design – I like the flourish vector ornaments.

    Best regards,



    My site is a work in progress, but I love the Enfold theme:


    I have created another page with this great Theme.

    Here you can find it:

    The Theme is awesome!!!

    Best regards, Tim


    I love the big full screen slider as a fake footer Gstar72! Brilliant idea and has a fantastic effect :)

    Great job Tim! Glad you are enjoying the theme so much :)



    Just put up our site on Thursday.

    I really enjoyed putting this together and the support team here rocks! Thanks guys!!!

    – John

    Could you expand on how you did the rotating company logos please. Was it an “Easy Slider”? Was it a Layer Slider? If so what were the settings? Multiple slides or just one?

    <<Please don't ask support type question in this topic. You can contact site authors if the site has contact information or create a new topic but this kind of thread should be left to showing off alone :) >>



    The rotating company logos are made using the Layer Slider. It is a very wide single image with the logo laid out, moving from right to left on an infinite loop.




    Over 500 lines of custom CSS, but we finally got a design our client loved. I have sworn from the very beginning I can make ANYTHING happen with a Kriesi theme, and this project certainly pushed my limits.

    So when’s the next theme coming out? Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store ;)


    Just put up this site – a few issues remain to be ironed out, but the Enfold theme was a great fit. I borrowed quite a bit from the dummy pages, too.

    Thanks for the great theme!


    Looks great seandaily! Amazing to see that html template re-formed into WordPress using Enfold. Really nice job.

    That is why Kriesi included the dummy data JKFC! For giving you a quick base to build your site on without having to come up with ever detail from scratch if you don’t want to :)


    I wanted to add my blog to the list.

    I’ve customized it quite a bit but you can still see the basic structure to of Enfold on the site.

    Enjoy! And be sure to leave a comment on the site of let me know what you think.



    @fm005: Neat website. Nice blog. :)





    Very nice. Bravo! Like the spinning light rays, good use of Layer Slider.


    Keep posting guys


    Just wanted to thank everyone on this forum and all the technical support at Kriesi! I haven’t officially launched this site as I need to make a few copy edits and add in a few widgets, but here is my new site for my creative studio! Thanks again!

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