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  • in reply to: warning message showing on browser that it has failed #353377

    Many thanks you can close this thread.

    in reply to: sidebars do not show in mobile devices in Enfold #250116

    By the way I did update the theme but it did not make any difference to the fact that sidebars do not show up on mobile devices, with enfold theme….

    in reply to: captcha form for the contact form #206640

    thanks I opened the widget on the page for the contact form, and there was a field for the captcha, all done now

    in reply to: Email Address Encoder required? #206543

    thanks! also, do you have a catpcha for the contact form?
    Should I install something?

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    great thank you! that fixed the appearance of Layers going in but not going out transition, even though I set both in and out to Zero.So I then also changed the auto transition to fade, and it now does the same job as I want to achieve, i.e. not looking like its sliding out separately….
    unless you know another way to make layer disappear as the slide goes out?

    in reply to: one page has fonts corrupted, all fonts gone italic #206057

    Ah thank you that is the solution, I removed 2 spare em s. Fantastic.
    you can close this thanks

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    in reply to: Masonry Portfolio with links to pages not posts #205457

    thank you for being clear. I will think about what I should best do, its not much fun having to redo/ change the whole site from pages to portfolio entries. I also dont want to lose the layouts of the pages.

    in reply to: portfolio made from pages not posts? #199739

    AHHHH. I had uploaded the wrong zip file from themeforest, because I had purchased the same theme twice, for two different clients, and the new 2nd zip name was the same as the first zip, and I did not know how to find a version notice… So I had inadvertently uploaded the old version which didnt have masonry. All good now; I have rectified that by simply overwriting the folder enfold\config-templatebuilder\ which was in the zip.

    in reply to: portfolio made from pages not posts? #199467

    there is absolutely no Masonry of any description whatsoever in my latest download of Enfold. Can you please take one step back from this above video and explain where I find it, and how I install it, because I dont have it, so it is of no use whatsoever to watch videos how to work with something I havent got. thanks

    in reply to: portfolio made from pages not posts? #198998

    Hi, thanks for that. Not sure where a fullwidth masonry gallery is, I think I missed it….but I have loaded some images into a gallery anyway, and the size looks about right,but there is nowhere to assign an internal link to the relevant page, only can get a result of a popup of the pic, which is not what I want….and the text is popping up way above the picture. are you able to advise me? If you take a look at the thanks

    in reply to: portfolio made from pages not posts? #198810

    oh, ps, when you look at my atuawahine site, you will notice I still havent figured out how to remove the default enfold home page, Can you please tell me how to get rid of it, I have already created a home page but the url opens on your theme home page

    in reply to: portfolio made from pages not posts? #198809

    Hi Josue,
    sorry forgot – its Enfold. I have just purchased the theme twice, as I am now making a 2nd website for another customer. I just love Enfold! never mind what is the most popular, Enfold is simply the best.
    Actually the gallery/portfolio/grid or whatever you call it, that my client wants is at: – the most perfect grid on the home page, however I told them the theme as a whole wasnt responsive enough even though they advertised it as being responsive, yours is better, so I convinced them we would use yours. The problem I now have is to recreate that beauty theme home page grid format. Are you able to look at that site and tell me if we can replicate that as near as possible?.
    I know html and could have just pasted in a table with 4 columns but html needs other css code that I am not knowledgeable enough create to make it responsive….it must resize for ipads and phones. is the site I am building.
    thank you so much!!!

    in reply to: Can't enlarge text on a device #180128

    Thanks, that worked

    in reply to: add a quick CSS for changing font, size, & font colour? #176922

    I suppose you are not going to help me anymore, because you would rather I pay you for the information? Please advise if you are going to help me or not. thanks

    in reply to: add a quick CSS for changing font, size, & font colour? #176892

    From the above last post I resolved some of the things I asked, by myself, except I still need a quick css to:

    change the contact form input fields to white, with black text,

    Is this possible or not? I am supposed to go live with this website this week…..

    in reply to: add a quick CSS for changing font, size, & font colour? #175406

    Thank you so much Josue, you are a star! Awesome!
    2 issues except for the main menu were fixed. I have Active and hover as white for the menu items, which is fine, but even after deploying the script, the inactive state is still grey, and I wanted to change the grey to another colour. I havent worked out what colour but maybe an orange to match my theme.

    I have to tell you this site is not for me, it is for my client, Robyn and she wants me to change the contact form input fields to white, with black text, so that it looks like a standard form easier to see. Can you give me a quick css for that: where do I put it:in the same place as the other quick CSS?

    On the contact form, I was unable to load a google map. Can you direct me to the page where I can get a tutorial, perhaps a video too, on how to set up a map? Thankyou.

    In the bookings page, I have utilised a promo box, because my client has services to sell, and your promo box is looking really nice to display.
    She wants to use your buttons – to action the book now function, which takes the user to a pop up box for booking system. This system has options to use their buttons; any other button, or one of my own design. in other words they have something for each situation, but not for using your promobox fields…..
    I want to isolate or replicate your book now button; create a graphic, and put the gettimely script somewhere, and substitute their button for yours:

    <script id=”timelyScript” src=””></script&gt;
    <script id=”cat2477″>var button1 = new timelyButton(“robynhaaker”, { buttonId: “cat2477”, category: 2477 });</script>

    Sorry one more thing; Robyn says that this website has no navigation main menu bar when viewing in an IPAD. She wants me get this fixed, and to put another copy of the main menu in the footer, perhaps in the middle column. Could you please advise me how to do this, as well as the other points above?

    in reply to: how to install the shop from the beginning #170932

    Hi Yigit, thank you for your support. it is much appreciated. I love your theme it is wonderful. My client loves it too. This is my first foray into premuim themes with shops.
    Just for your information I thought I would paste in here the link to Avada theme support document, in relation to Woo, as I am fortunately developing one of those too.
    In the absence of having a Plugin notification, I found this to be very helpful:
    the information about woo commerce, is at the very bottom of the document. It was just so completely helpful, everything, all together in one document….so handy to have this info together, than all separate questions to spend hours clicking through forum to find the right one to help.
    All my questions got answered there for the Woo Commerce, as well as lots of others.
    Just in case this above link doesnt work for you (it may just be for members only) all it said was:
    1. How To Install WooCommerce And Setup The Default Shop Pages

    Go to your Plugin section of your wordpress admin
    Click on the Add New button at the top of the page.
    Then enter WooCommerce in the search field
    Choose the first one called WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce and click on Install Now
    WooCommerce will install, then click the link that says Activate Plugin
    You will then see a WooCommerce Purple Notification Bar at the top of the plugin page.
    Click the Install WooCommerce Pages button in the purplar bar to install all the default pages
    Please Note: Once you are done installing WooCommerce and the default pages, you can go to the Appearance > Menu section of your admin and choose to add all the WooCommerce pages to your menu. They will be listed at the top under the most recent pages

    in reply to: how to install the shop from the beginning #170699

    I am using latest 3.6.1 wordpress and your latest enfold theme version 2.3. Your download must be faulty then. I installed it twice and still got no plugin options.
    There were no such notifications or options to install a Woocommerce plugin- in my Enfold. Dashboard – only the forum plugin was notified as an available option.
    Its only fair and logical to me, that if you have optional information to read somewhere, as a backup, then at least I could have had a choice. I only discovered the information from the Shop Home page text, and I wasnt even expecting it there.
    .Luckily I dont think I need the shop just yet, but I wanted to look at it, see how it worked.
    There were dozens of confusing names and descriptions come up in the plugin search, and as I was not guided as to which one, I wasted hours trying to ascertain the information which should have been there in the theme info all along.

    in reply to: how to install the shop from the beginning #170395

    I reinstalled the theme as there seemed to be shop home page missing, this time round there was a shop homepage,and I saw text saying to click to download the woocommerce plugin, which of course I did.
    Once on the search plugin options page it only had one plugin that seemed right; it was called:
    WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce” – so I downloaded that one, hopefully its the right one. Is it?
    Now I just have to figure out how to get a page on the menu navigation item tab called shop, and then that will look similar to the demo.

    When you tell people to download “WooCommerce shop”, then they will look for those wordings exactly, but that is not there as an option. There are no woocommerce shop plugins, so perhaps you might update your instructions to be more accurate and helpful there?

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