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    I have written before, asking for help but you just gave me a link to a tutorial and closed my topic thread.
    Believe me, I have tried for weeks to get it working but cannot. So it seems you dont help for customisations.
    If you are not willing to assist can you please put me in touch with a developer who is willing to show me how to link a portfolio masonry display to a page instead of a post, all the while keeping the images in a relatively fixed size grid of 2 rows of 4 images all sized 220 x 146.
    You seemed to say in previous thread that it was possible to link to a page but I had to use a css.
    I have no skills with css in this regard, and the settings in your video tutorial, do not explain how to configure the right settings for my needs, I dont know which drop down fields to select, let alone know what css has to be added.

    My request is really quite simple: I want to create a grid with 2 x rows of 4 small images that stay small and do nothing except link to pages, in the fashion that is displayed in the Portfolio Masonry demo,
    Each image should not pop up or expand but when mouse hovers, allow for text to show – as per masonry demo, and then it should provide link to internal pages.
    Please look at this url … it is displaying two methods- at the top I have added a masonry gallery and I added 8 images with links to the required 8 pages. however, two things are badly wrong; the images are getting tiled repeating across page and there is no hover text.
    Looking at my above URL, the display below the messed up gallery is just a basic 4 columns with images, which I was able to link it to a page. However, it does not show text on mouse over, either, and when I view this site in a mobile, its hopeless because no one will ever know what the image is there for, nor what it links to. We didnt want to split the gallery up with fixed text blocks, we just want the portfolio masonry demo! Is that not possible?

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    Hi Gillianrose!

    The masonry gallery doesn’t support pages because you can’t query pages like standard posts or custom post types (portfolio items). Thus it’s also not easily possible to implement this feature. If you want to hire a freelancer you can contact werkpress here: or contact a freelancer here:

    Personally I recommend to use the portfolio entries instead of pages because you can use the entries with the “Advanced Layout Builder” and there’re no disadvantages/limitations compared to standard pages. Even the layout looks exactly the same. The portfolio items are also used on the demo page here: and you’ll get the same effect on your website.

    If you don’t want to link to a portfolio entry then you can install this plugin: to redirect the user from a portfolio entry to any page(s) of your choice and then the portfolio entry link would work like a direct link to a standard page.

    Best regards,


    thank you for being clear. I will think about what I should best do, its not much fun having to redo/ change the whole site from pages to portfolio entries. I also dont want to lose the layouts of the pages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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