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    how to enter it in quick css? Would you know if Hero or Century gothic is websafe font?
    I have currently selected Valera Round for headings, and helvetica for body text.
    What is your advice, and how to word the quick css?

    I would also like a css script to make the body text as one point bigger, I selected helvetica,

    I have changed my website background to black, see
    Now colour scheme is good except I need to change the colour for just the navigation menu items before they are clicked.. i.e. they are currently not showing well on the black background. Is there a place in the options I have missed, could you direct me to it, or could you provide me a css?

    The footer headings are also defaulting to a colour I cannot see. therefore I need to change those too….
    Hope you can help…I would be most grateful.


    Hey Gillianrose!

    For the navigation menu links:

    .header_color .main_menu #avia-menu > li > a {
    color: #E7E7E7;

    To increase the font size of the main content:

    #main {
    font-size: 14px;

    And finally to change the color of the footer titles:

    #footer .widgettitle {
    color: #FFF;

    Best regards,


    Thank you so much Josue, you are a star! Awesome!
    2 issues except for the main menu were fixed. I have Active and hover as white for the menu items, which is fine, but even after deploying the script, the inactive state is still grey, and I wanted to change the grey to another colour. I havent worked out what colour but maybe an orange to match my theme.

    I have to tell you this site is not for me, it is for my client, Robyn and she wants me to change the contact form input fields to white, with black text, so that it looks like a standard form easier to see. Can you give me a quick css for that: where do I put it:in the same place as the other quick CSS?

    On the contact form, I was unable to load a google map. Can you direct me to the page where I can get a tutorial, perhaps a video too, on how to set up a map? Thankyou.

    In the bookings page, I have utilised a promo box, because my client has services to sell, and your promo box is looking really nice to display.
    She wants to use your buttons – to action the book now function, which takes the user to a pop up box for booking system. This system has options to use their buttons; any other button, or one of my own design. in other words they have something for each situation, but not for using your promobox fields…..
    I want to isolate or replicate your book now button; create a graphic, and put the gettimely script somewhere, and substitute their button for yours:

    <script id=”timelyScript” src=””></script&gt;
    <script id=”cat2477″>var button1 = new timelyButton(“robynhaaker”, { buttonId: “cat2477”, category: 2477 });</script>

    Sorry one more thing; Robyn says that this website has no navigation main menu bar when viewing in an IPAD. She wants me get this fixed, and to put another copy of the main menu in the footer, perhaps in the middle column. Could you please advise me how to do this, as well as the other points above?


    From the above last post I resolved some of the things I asked, by myself, except I still need a quick css to:

    change the contact form input fields to white, with black text,

    Is this possible or not? I am supposed to go live with this website this week…..


    I suppose you are not going to help me anymore, because you would rather I pay you for the information? Please advise if you are going to help me or not. thanks



    None of us expect anything from customers in this support forum. Please keep that in mind :)
    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

     #top .main_color textarea { background-color: white; color: black; }


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