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    I want to present on the home page, under the layer slider, a sort of portfolio grid of 8 boxes (2 rows of 4) for images & links, almost like the portfolio page display (that has 3 rows of 4) however I do not want it to be from posts nor have any categories nor breadcrumbs. I only want to put an image in each box, (and title) with ability to hyper link directly to an ordinary page, not use posts. Is that possible?
    In effect it is to be the same size as the portfolio grid and same layout, only I only want to remove the functionality with it, and replace by only linking the images to the internal pages.


    Hi Gillianrose!

    What Theme are you using?



    Hi Josue,
    sorry forgot – its Enfold. I have just purchased the theme twice, as I am now making a 2nd website for another customer. I just love Enfold! never mind what is the most popular, Enfold is simply the best.
    Actually the gallery/portfolio/grid or whatever you call it, that my client wants is at: – the most perfect grid on the home page, however I told them the theme as a whole wasnt responsive enough even though they advertised it as being responsive, yours is better, so I convinced them we would use yours. The problem I now have is to recreate that beauty theme home page grid format. Are you able to look at that site and tell me if we can replicate that as near as possible?.
    I know html and could have just pasted in a table with 4 columns but html needs other css code that I am not knowledgeable enough create to make it responsive….it must resize for ipads and phones. is the site I am building.
    thank you so much!!!


    oh, ps, when you look at my atuawahine site, you will notice I still havent figured out how to remove the default enfold home page, Can you please tell me how to get rid of it, I have already created a home page but the url opens on your theme home page



    You can use the Fullwidth Masonry Gallery element to replicate thebeautysalon’s grid images. And if you don’t mind, you can create Portfolio items with a unique category. Use these portfolio items on a Portfolio Grid element. You can choose not to display the portfolio title using CSS and disable the portfolio grid images link if you want.



    Hi, thanks for that. Not sure where a fullwidth masonry gallery is, I think I missed it….but I have loaded some images into a gallery anyway, and the size looks about right,but there is nowhere to assign an internal link to the relevant page, only can get a result of a popup of the pic, which is not what I want….and the text is popping up way above the picture. are you able to advise me? If you take a look at the thanks



    The Masonry option was introduced in 2.4 and can be added with the Advanced Layout Builder:

    You can use it to create that kind of layout and add the url for each image.



    there is absolutely no Masonry of any description whatsoever in my latest download of Enfold. Can you please take one step back from this above video and explain where I find it, and how I install it, because I dont have it, so it is of no use whatsoever to watch videos how to work with something I havent got. thanks


    You must be using Enfold version 2.4.

    The Masonry option was introduced in 2.4

    Update your Enfold theme to version 2.4 and then the Masonry elements will be available just like in the video. I made that video for the 2.4 blog announcement which was posted here when 2.4 was released:

    For reference, you are using 2.3 which you can see on your site in the style.css here:

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    AHHHH. I had uploaded the wrong zip file from themeforest, because I had purchased the same theme twice, for two different clients, and the new 2nd zip name was the same as the first zip, and I did not know how to find a version notice… So I had inadvertently uploaded the old version which didnt have masonry. All good now; I have rectified that by simply overwriting the folder enfold\config-templatebuilder\ which was in the zip.

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