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    My website has 10 pages, and all the sidebar and footer widgets are correctly displaying how I want them, in 9 pages except not the testimonials page.
    I have 7 testimonials all written and coded in exactly the same way, same tags, however the last 3 can only display as italic font.
    I have tried a dozen times to strip the tags and regardless,with or without the tags, Going between visual or text, I cannot remove italics from the last three testimonials.
    And, into the bargain, on this page, the rest of the widgets have corrupted and gone italic too.
    Please tell me how to get a normal font back on this entire page. Its so weird how my first 4 testimonials were able to have ordinary font!


    Hey Gillianrose!

    Somewhere within that page is a stray em opening tag. Do you have the debug field turned on for the advanced layout builder or do you have any text blocks in the page?



    Ah thank you that is the solution, I removed 2 spare em s. Fantastic.
    you can close this thanks

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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