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    Hi I have searched your forum for ages and ages and ages and have downloaded enfold but cannot find anywhere that has anything to do with how to get the shop installed and running, and I am well aware there is a Config Woocommerce folder in the enfold folder, but no instructions whatsoever about how to install it. This totally mystifies me why you dont have instructions.


    I reinstalled the theme as there seemed to be shop home page missing, this time round there was a shop homepage,and I saw text saying to click to download the woocommerce plugin, which of course I did.
    Once on the search plugin options page it only had one plugin that seemed right; it was called:
    WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce” – so I downloaded that one, hopefully its the right one. Is it?
    Now I just have to figure out how to get a page on the menu navigation item tab called shop, and then that will look similar to the demo.

    When you tell people to download “WooCommerce shop”, then they will look for those wordings exactly, but that is not there as an option. There are no woocommerce shop plugins, so perhaps you might update your instructions to be more accurate and helpful there?



    After you install Enfold you should see such notification
    “This theme recommends the following plugin: WooCommerce.
    Begin installing plugin | Dismiss this notice”
    As Enfold is multi-purpose theme, not all people are using it as their e-commerce website. So making WooCommerce plugin mandatory would not be fair and logical :)

    That being said, you can take a look at WooCommerce’s documentation here



    I am using latest 3.6.1 wordpress and your latest enfold theme version 2.3. Your download must be faulty then. I installed it twice and still got no plugin options.
    There were no such notifications or options to install a Woocommerce plugin- in my Enfold. Dashboard – only the forum plugin was notified as an available option.
    Its only fair and logical to me, that if you have optional information to read somewhere, as a backup, then at least I could have had a choice. I only discovered the information from the Shop Home page text, and I wasnt even expecting it there.
    .Luckily I dont think I need the shop just yet, but I wanted to look at it, see how it worked.
    There were dozens of confusing names and descriptions come up in the plugin search, and as I was not guided as to which one, I wasted hours trying to ascertain the information which should have been there in the theme info all along.



    WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce” one is correct one if you search in WordPress plugin repository. And if you want to download and install manually, you can download it from WooCommerce’s website here

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit, thank you for your support. it is much appreciated. I love your theme it is wonderful. My client loves it too. This is my first foray into premuim themes with shops.
    Just for your information I thought I would paste in here the link to Avada theme support document, in relation to Woo, as I am fortunately developing one of those too.
    In the absence of having a Plugin notification, I found this to be very helpful:
    the information about woo commerce, is at the very bottom of the document. It was just so completely helpful, everything, all together in one document….so handy to have this info together, than all separate questions to spend hours clicking through forum to find the right one to help.
    All my questions got answered there for the Woo Commerce, as well as lots of others.
    Just in case this above link doesnt work for you (it may just be for members only) all it said was:
    1. How To Install WooCommerce And Setup The Default Shop Pages

    Go to your Plugin section of your wordpress admin
    Click on the Add New button at the top of the page.
    Then enter WooCommerce in the search field
    Choose the first one called WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce and click on Install Now
    WooCommerce will install, then click the link that says Activate Plugin
    You will then see a WooCommerce Purple Notification Bar at the top of the plugin page.
    Click the Install WooCommerce Pages button in the purplar bar to install all the default pages
    Please Note: Once you are done installing WooCommerce and the default pages, you can go to the Appearance > Menu section of your admin and choose to add all the WooCommerce pages to your menu. They will be listed at the top under the most recent pages



    Please follow these steps.

    1.) Activate the woocommerce plugin then Install the woocommerce pages by clicking the violet bar on top of woocommerce settings.

    2.) Go to Menus > Appearance > insert the Shop menu as shop page.

    3.) Create some products.

    4.) If you want to create another shop page, create a new page then go to Advance Layout Editor. Insert the Product Grid under Plugin Additions.

    Please watch this short video:



    thanks Gillianrose for asking this question I didn’t dare to ask :-) I bought this great theme yesterday and I already installed it 5 times, but I don’t get any “shop” page and of course no message about the woo-commerce-plugin. Please would you be so kind and tell me what I missed. I even not come to the state of the second second post of this topic.


    Devin gave me the answer here
    thanks very much !

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    Great, I’ll close the thread now.

    Best regards,

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