Enfold Version 2.7 – Magazine Element, Accordion Slider, Customization Wizard and more…

Ever wanted to use Enfold to power your magazine? Its now easier than ever

With version 2.7 we have focused on all things necessary to create a successful online magazine. We have added a new “Magazine” Template Builder Element as well as an Accordion Slider which is able to display recent entries from a category of your choice or some static images.

The enfold admin panel now holds a dedicated blog tab that lets you define how the blog should look like, which meta information should be visible,  how the related entries should be displayed and even adds a bunch of simple but beautiful sharing buttons for social networks.

Another feature that was requested quite often was the ability to customize distinct elements like h1-h6 tags, main menu items etc without the need for custom.css. Our customization Wizard which can be found at Enfold->Advanced Styling in your backend will be able to do that for you :)

Of course thats only the tip of the iceberg. We got a lot of other smaller changes as well which might be interesting for you :)

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Enfold Version 2.6 – Header Configurator, RTL Stlyesheet, Google Maps and more

Even more flexibility arrived with this version! The theme now allows you to configure the header just as you like

Enfold has always allowed to change the colors of your header at will and select from a few styling options, but some of the most common requests we got, like “how to increase/decrease the logo size”, “how to stick/unstick the header”, “how to change the position of the social icons” and “how to achieve header transparency”, always needed custom CSS. Well not anymore.

We decided to build a small configuration tool that allows you to do all that and more. In the process we were even able to remove some old and outdated scripts and styles, decreasing the css and javascript file size, which results in better performance of the theme :)

Here is one of those new options on our demo. Something which was previously not really possible but is now easily accomplished: The transparent header

But there is more:

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Enfold Feature Requests

After hundreds of feature requests we want to try something new for Enfold

Since the release of Enfold almost a year ago we got a steady stream of feedback from our customers on how to improve the theme. SEO optimizations, new Template Builder elements, customization options, bugfixes and more…

We have gathered this feedback in our forum but its becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of those requests, so we decided to try it with a different voting system. We have put a feedback system in place that allows you to add new suggestions and also lets you vote on existing ones from other users of our community.

Each month you get 5 votes to distribute  and we will review and consider the most popular requests for future updates :)

You can give it a try here:

Enfold Version 2.5 – Fullscreen Video, Video Section, Parallax backgrounds and more

We added video support for all sliders and even sections!

Since you guys were very vocal about better video support of the theme we have recently added video support for our fullwidth and fullscreen slideshows and also added the option to display videos as a background for sections.

In addition to that, we further improved the color section element which now allows real parallax background images which scroll at a different speed than the rest of the site. You can see an example of the new feature here on the new demo frontpage which also ships with the latest version of the theme.

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We are hiring a Front End Developer/Designer

If you are good with HTML, CSS and Photoshop this one might be just for you ;)

Hey Everyone! As you might have noticed our small business is doing quite well and so we figured its time to add someone to the team, who has the ability to improve existing and upcoming themes with his or her keen sense of style :)

We need someone who is comfortable with HTML/CSS and Photoshop, can adapt to design trends (currently “minimal” and “flat” for example) and is able to work without a lot of supervision.

If you are interested and want to learn more: here is a detailed description of what we require:

Update: thanks for all applications. The job is now taken. I am sorry that I can’t respond to everyone who applied but there were so many applications that it would be a copy and paste job anyways, so thanks a lot for your time :)

Playing to Win – How Video Games made me a better entrepreneur

I have always enjoyed playing video games. Probably a little too much, with a tendency to get addicted :) Street Fighter, Tekken, Warcraft, Starcraft, WoW,  just to name a few. I especially loved those games because they were easy to learn but difficult to master and provided great depth for those willing to put time and effort into the game. I can’t even tell how many hours I spent, practicing various combos in Tekken, analyzing replays in Starcraft, doing calculations for what would be the best equipment for my WoW character or just reading articles about improving myself as a player.

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