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    Sorry if this is a duplicate, as I cannot imagine it has not been brought up, but I did not find it with search; it would be GREAT if the Layout Elements in the Avia LB we collapsible so that building a page were not as cumbersome as it currently is when you have a big page and lots of elements.

    Try using the editor in fullscreen mode as it allows you to scroll the editor below the layout elements


    Ok, so I have used pretty much all the major wordpress themes and think Enfold has the potential to be one of the best if a little more attention is given to these areas in particular.


    1. Please add a section to the Enfold theme where you can easily access and define font styles for ALL the major sections of the site, rather than relying on custom css. Virtually every other theme I use has a dedicated area for this which makes it really neat and tidy and far easier for everyone too. At the moment you have to literally hunt around each page and section of the theme to find individual styles for widget titles and headings before you can begin creating styles for them. Headings also seem far too fragmented at the moment too, meaning styling ALL the headings for an entire site can be problematic and require page specific (local) styles rather than global etc.


    2. These elements spoil an otherwise fantastic theme and are by far the weakest elements for me right now. There just seems to be no real style to any of these areas and there aren’t any specific options for these in the theme settings either. I would really like to see more styling options made available for the blog, posts and sidebars in future releases including settings to customise titles, meta data, padding, column sizes, alignment etc.


    3. Currently when you use the ‘Video’ media element you only get the option to insert a link to the video, rather than any embed code which allows more control of content size and appearance. The alternative is to paste embed code from either Vimeo or YouTube into a ‘Text Block’, but this doesn’t appear to be fully responsive. For example, when I embed a video this way and scale my page or view on a small resolution monitor, the video has scaled correctly and in proportion, but within what looks like a containing black div which doesn’t scale correctly with it. This results in a really tall black area above and below the video content and looks terrible.

    4. ICON BOX:

    4.1 – Add the ability to edit / replace the current icon (including coloured bg area around it too)

    4.2. – Add the ability to set a bg colour for the entire icon box from within the advanced editor

    4.3. – Add the ability to select a heading of your choice for the title area – Currently this is set as H3, which isn’t ideal.

    5. ICON LIST

    5.1 – Option to edit multiple list items in same pop up window – PLEASE, PLEASE consider adding this option as it would save so much time. Manually clicking a list item, entering a title and content for dozens of items can be so time consuming and being able to do it all from one single window would be fantastic.

    5.2 – Option for editing / replacing current icon

    5.3 – Option to export / import content for icon lists – If you have to recreate them for any reason and have created many items it can be very time consuming to do this from scratch all over again.


    Please add more style options and most importantly make them responsive as they currently just aren’t usable right now. One of the other themes I use has responsive tables which wrap columns correctly when scaled, am sure it’s Avada.

    That’s the lot for now. Thanks and keep up the good work.



    Is it possible to add to your accordeon element an option: hide “all” tag while sorting?



    Feature Request: INVERTED COLOR SCHEME

    Hi guys

    I have like “internal” (e.g. About, Contact, People) and “external” (e.g. Products, …) pages. I have a “normal” color scheme (bright header, dark body and footer) for the external pages. For the internal ones I’d like to invert the colors, i.e. dark header, bright body and footer.

    What do you think about that? Is there any chance to implement this?

    Regards, Chris



    How about adding more menu and header options? I think that would be very nice, specially when we use the same theme for more than one client.




    1) WPML related feature:

    If WPML is used with Enfold, add option to avia, to import/ copy avia options from one language to another. This would be a massive time saver, as usually corporate design counts and is the same (colors, fonts, logos, favicon, etc) no matter the language.

    2) Add option field to

    – upload icon for mobile devices home button.

    – set title for mobile devices home button.

    For details on icon suggestion see


    Ich schreib auf Deutsch, damit ihr mich versteht.

    1) Text oder Logo

    Auswahl ob der Webseitentitel als Text oder Logo angezeigt wird.

    2) Rücksicht auf Suchmaschinenoptimierung

    Ich weiß die Designer übersehen sowas gerne. Überschriften (h1..) sollten auf keinen Fall für Designzwecke missbraucht werden.

    Das sind die wichtigsten Mittel, neben dem title, um den Suchmaschinen klar zu machen um was es auf der Seite geht.

    Zb. den Text “Blog – Die letzten Neuigkeiten” als h2 zu machen ist ein Unding.

    3) Blog Style

    Fünfter Blog Style: Single Author, no preview Pic (no author picture is displayed, no feature image is displayed)

    Ich nutze am liebsten eine aufgeräumten Style, ohne die Bilder. Also “Single Author, big preview Pic”, wo die featured images fehlen. Scheinbar haben auch schon viele andere hier im Forum danach gefragt.

    4) Related Posts:

    Ich würde mir eine Steuerung der “Related Posts” wünschen. Zumindest das ich entscheiden kann ob sie angezeigt werden oder nicht.


    Bzgl 2) Rücksicht auf Suchmaschinenoptimierung – darüber lässt sich oftmals streiten, da “Blog – Die letzten Neuigkeiten” nun einmal eine der Hauptüberschriften ist und im Gegensatz zu h1 h2 auch öfters vorkommen darf. Es ist daher teilweise persönliche Ansichtssache welche Stellenwert man welcher Überschrift zuordnet. Der eine meint nur h3, der ander h4 der nächste nur span, etc.

    Möchte man den Tag abändern würde ich folgenden Code zu functions.php hinzufügen

    add_filter('avf_title_args', 'change_single_post_title', 10, 2);
    function change_single_post_title($args,$id)
    if ( is_single() )
    $args['heading'] = 'strong';

    return $args;

    – in diesem Fall wird h2 gegen einen “strong” Tag ersetzt.


    I would really like to hide the address bar when using iPhone/iPad/iEtc.


    I’d like your buttons to all look flat, none of that old-fashioned gradient tints on them anymore. Right now things just don’t match with one another when using contact submit button, etc.

    I’d like the social icons to appear UNDER the team member, rather than only appearing on hover. Or at least the option to do that. I just don’t think many people realize they can find that information that way, it’s poor UX.

    I’d like the layer slider layers to be nameable, instead of being called “layer 3, layer 4, etc,” so I can stop hunting for stuff.

    GREAT theme, best you’ve ever done, best anyone has, probably.


    Ability to add captions to image elements



    : You can add captions when using the Gallery.



    Yes, I know.

    I am talking about the single image element. When I am adding an image, especially if it is a features page or something like that, I’m not going to be adding an entire gallery. Therefor – it would be better to have the option of adding a caption to single images.


    Any news on a general preview functionality? Mayb it could make it on the list :)

    One band-aid is to clone a page to be edited then place that page as pending review or whatever and then once finished quickly delete the original and rename the new version and change status. As far as I’m aware there’s no seo penalty for this, can you guys confirm this?

    Another way to possibly do it would be to have a caching plugin that didn’t automatically purge updated pages. This way the old static page would still get served up leaving the user free to edit/update a page and see the results before they go live. Unfortunately I can’t find a way for W3 Total Cache to not automatically purge updated pages. Any insights?



    I would appreciate to see Mailchimp Form implemented in Enfold Theme.

    Kind regards, Michael


    In the main navigation, there is no indication to show when sub menu items have their own sub items. A simple arrow indicator or similar would help to alleviate this problem.


    Hi…I’m new at this WordPress thing and it might be completely inane but I’ve seen a couple of themes that have this window shade like thing that can drop down from top of screen & hold widgets etc and then sent back up with a click on something like… ^. I’d really like if it could be added without a lot of trouble.

    Btw…I purchased Incarnation first for this church thing that landed in my lap but then purchased Enfold to try with a couple churchy specific plugin. Enfold offers a lot more flexibility and is just beautiful. Thank you.


    One key thing I’d love to see right now would be the ability to use *any* graphic in an icon box or list etc. The icon font supplied is useful for a few basic website styles, but really not flexible enough to cover the icons I’d like to use.

    There’s an excellent example of how this could work in a new theme on TF called ‘The7’. Take a look at how it handles icon lists in this demo page:


    I completely agree with the need to be able to easily re-arrange table data – to move or rearrange rows or columns. The table format is something I need for part of our site, but I can’t use it if I can’t go back and add items that might not fall at the end…

    And I also agree with the need for a youtube icon.




    You support the Entypo Icon font and you use them for the social media links in the header. why not combine them, let the user choose which icon and which background color to use, and which link to go through.

    Would only be an adaption of the present select list and an addional field for the color.

    This way we can add links to pages you currently not support, like xing, smugmug and so on.



    A form description area – bellow the form title (between title and form fields) for the Enfold contact form would be very nice.


    You should post a forum rules that tells people to do some basic things AND THEN make a post. That would certainly cut your support work down. I am sure I missed something that most people do (besides cache and refresh).

    I would also LOOOOOOVE if there were a page that listed some basic functions that can be added to custom css to make changes like what I needed help with to change the promo box to a regular form submission box (like the submit button on this reply to form). That would answer many questions people have as well and they could extrapolate more from what they get on those pages. But I guess all that custom css editing would really make your job harder if it was the custom code that caused the problem. Hrmm, I dunno.

    Or a collection of cool short code tweaks use in this forum such as the one a mod helped me with to make the promo button look and behave like the submit button on an email us form.


    Hi ,

    please add functionality :

    organize portfolio grid by tags



    1) Seeking the ability to easily adjust the colors and ALL attributes (size, layouts, etc.) within each layout/content/media element. – For example, an icon list, we could choose which color the icon is, it’s background, etc. or leave it to the default.

    2) Styling – Being able to control every aspect of a header, footer, sidebar, content area, etc., down to the page, or set to default. Currently, understanding what styling changes which area is difficult, and often changes things that we don’t want to change. Better documentation regarding which styling aspects effect which elements/areas.



    Please, add a social media icon! ;o)





    This is probably more of a bug fix request than a feature addition one.

    I haven’t been able to get page anchors to work properly, when applied in the main menu. That is, if I try navigating to more than one page. Right now my site consists of a single page, with all the main menu options as anchor points to sections within the page: #portfolio or #contact for instance ( ). That’s working fine, and getting that core functionality was my main concern, but I also intended to have a link to another section/page – a blog – and I tested it out using full urls for the main menu selections… for instance, and

    Using the full urls only half works. I can get to the blog section, then back to the home page where the contact or other content area is on my homepage, but getting back, it doesn’t load all the way to selected section anchor. It tends to jump somewhere in the middle of the section just above whatever content you’re trying to reach.

    If you click on the button again, once you’re back on the homepage, it will work as intended, and scroll the page to where it should have gone in the first place, but I think this has the potential to really confuse and/or annoy visitors. So, to avoid the problem, I gave up on adding a blog section, but that didn’t really solve my issue.

    I had casually brought up this problem before, and was hoping it would be fixed in an update. That was about three or four updates ago though, and I just updated to the latest version (2.2), and tried linking to a blog section again in the same manner, and I’m still experiencing the same problem.. so again, I just opted to omit a blog section, but that’s limiting what I can do with my site.

    I’d really appreciate it if that could get fixed, and I’m guessing there are probably a lot more people who have run into the same issue, or will be running into it in the future. Kriesi, I was hoping to bring it to your attention by posting it here.

    All that being said, great theme, and keep up the good work!




    I would also REALLY appreciate more options in the table. I have made a beautiful table using font icons and images in the header, and I want to put in something at the top, and to do that the only way is to put it all in again. I hope to be able to drag and drop, or move up down arrows. I would also love to be able to pick icons and have a default editor for putting in data. Would make it powerful and really a good tool. I also see that when I put in too much text it brakes the lines. Because they then get different height. Could they all adjust if one row/column needs more space? I loooove the theme and the flexibility and I hope the table will follow the quality the rest of the theme has.

    Another thing is that I would love to see the same choices for the footers. to be able to choose their size and to have avia content builder to create content. That would really be something. What about in stead of choosing the numbers of footers in the theme options and then edit them through widgets, we could just build it like a page, which then is set as footer throughout the website, or on specific pages?

    I love this theme so much I am soon to release it through a network and buy it for every new client that I get. IT really is fantastic, and I am looking forward to see what what improvements will come with time.

    thank you


    A nice thing would be to have the 404 page be an actual wordpress page, that can be edited in just the same fashion as any other page. This would be very helpful for those who don’t want/know how to edit the code of the file to the extent that they would like.


    This is not a feature request per sé but a request to think about your hierarchical menu design. While that gap between the top menu word and the sub-menus makes sense from a design perspective because the submenus begin at a hairline border, I think it’s confusing for the average user.

    One possibility is that most users will not realize that there is content at the top menu word, thinking they need to go to one of the sub menu items, primarily due to the distance. The other is that some will not realize that sub-menu items exists, again due to the distance, which visually disconnects it from the top menu item.

    Any chance you can give us a more traditional menu design option?


    Save Custom Color Settings
    Add an ability to save the custom colour settings. It could be similar as for the Layersliders as a copy & paste box. Perfect it would be if it could be saved like the color preset buttons.

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