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    Please add google custom search in next version


    Came across this site:

    Look at the roll over transitions under why it works – fluid, nice, I also like the opacity of the roll over sections.

    Just a thought.


    Request: replace the font icons with images

    i have been searching around quite a bit, but did not find an idea so far:
    Is there any way to replace the font icons in three specific icon boxes with three individual images?

    Thanks for your help!

    Cheers, Sebastian.



    Any need chance you might feature BIGVideo in your next upgrade. I would be great to have that option.



    Horizontal scroll through images as seen here:


    my wish list

    1 a better look for blog ..for example I would like use advance editor for modify the top of the page
    2 in advandeced-editor i want save a template for single block not just for the all page
    3 icon for youtube in social


    Contact form
    Would be really helpful to have an option of redirect to another page/post after submit success, instead of the “thankyou” message.
    A lot of customers will be happy, instead being forced to using CF7.


    I have been using enfold since it was first released, and I love the theme. One request is adding an event calendar, similar to incarnation church theme.. Every event calendar I add doesnt really work properly without some customization to the theme. Thanks for your consideration.



    : This is the plugin used on Incarnation:

    Best regards,


    1, I’m sure this has been requested a bunch of times (like,
    but here’s another vote for Jquery Waypoints or equivalent so that the menu items highlight according to anchors on page.
    It’s almost a requirement when you offer one-page-design support :-)

    2,Again, this is extremely useful for one pagers. support for multiple menus; conditional. example: a one page design with ‘pportfolio’ menu item anchored to a portfolio section on the homepage.
    when I navigate off the homepage (to a portfolio item), I may want the ‘portfolio’ in the menu refer to the page with all portfoios instead of homepage with portfolio carousel.



    I think adding a Vertical Ruler as a content element (like the horizontal ruler) would be awesome! The only other thing I can think of would be adding a few options to text block content element, namely, being able to pick a border to go around the text block ( and choose border style, color, padding etc.) so that it would be like an icon box except you wouldn’t have to have an icon.

    This is a wonderful theme. You are a creative genius! Thank you!


    Customizable “Import Dummy Data” so clients can setup multiple sites easily, with their own content based on a template theme.


    +1 for Gstar72 animated rollover example. Those are GORGEOUS. Especially if we could customize them :)

    Look at the roll over transitions under why it works – fluid, nice


    Any chance of getting a loading icon in the center of a fullscreen slider before the content is loaded?


    1) Pages, Posts and Also Archive Pages the option to change the header BG color and Image like colorShemer element.
    especially for the part where the Title and breadcrumb disappears
    Like this examples
    2) Icons for Accordion like the Tabs
    3) Icon Box . feauture like size , icon color , Background color, Background radius and also ffor font Icon
    4) More admin options for
    header size and line height
    Navigation fontsize, bgcolor and color
    5) Custom Post Type for team Member


    vote for MailChimp Newsletter Integration Element


    6) Custom Content Box : Like color Schemer only with the option for colums . It will be great to creat 3 or 4 column Color Boxes with custom options: BGcolor , front color, Bg Image


    A few more randoms..

    1) Ability to use an image instead of a font icon in icon boxes, lists etc.

    2) Option to use CSS animations such as those on the images or icon lists on other elements,

    3) Closeable notification boxes.

    4) More styling options for images and promo boxes


    Another vote for Mailchimp support


    Fast Facts. Like here – the BIG NUMBERS with text. Love em, always cool to show random stuff for a creative agency.

    Cannot seem to find a plugin anywhere.

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    Accessible in every child site of a Multisite installation



    Will be nice to have default full width area to be able insert any kind of html code.



    When using the blog post content element on a page, I’d love to be able to turn off the date, number of comments, etc. line under the title. I don’t want to do this in all instances, I still want those there for blog posts, but sometimes I want to be able to use posts to create a page of, say, teacher bios at a school, or whatnot, and that info. is just weird in those instances. I’m sure there’s a CSS way to turn it off on particular pages…but it would be nice to have SOME blog style we can choose where they are already off. Thanks for a great theme!


    Please, in future updates, make the buttons all the nice flat ones, not the old school dimensional ones. Right now you have two different kinds in the theme and the old ones look really outdated and wrong with this gorgeous theme.


    I second this – I think it would be great to have the theme keep up with the times. unfortunately, most people purchasing the theme don’t know web designs, current trends, or style for that matter. This would offer a huge advantage.


    I would like to see some more features for woocommerce:
    1. Ajax Filter
    2. Custom product tabs
    3. Hover Zoom feature on product details page
    4. List view on category pages
    Rel-Author and Rel-Publisher feature for google.


    Please insert FitText.js or some other great “inflatable” text system. :)


    +1 for FitText.js or something similar


    Enfold Templates
    Import / Export feature that supports images



    Under your slider you have the counter on your main page.

    Can you update into your Enfold theme :)

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