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    It would be great to be able to add a class to buttons so that we can take advantage of the fact that you already have PrettyPhoto integrated.

    That way visitors can open iframes, videos, images etc. within a lightbox by clicking a button element.

    Another solution would be to add some these options within the button edit area. For example:

    Open link in lightbox? Yes/No

    Width of lightbox: X (mainly for iframe)

    Height of lightbox: X (mainly for iframe)




    A submission form for ENFOLD’s testimonial feature would be great, so that a user can enter his testimonial and the admin has the possibility to proof it before he publishes it.



    the way the testimonial grid display a photo as a small rounded photo is sooooo great !!!
    i want it for icon box and icon list .... it would be wayyyyy cooool :D


    – I am building a large site with Enfold and the single biggest problem I’m facing is that I can’t add CSS classes to colour sections. This would greatly help with styling repeated same-styled page elements. I can set ID’s for the sections but by definition these should be unique. As a workaround I have developed a JQuery function which converts IDs to separate classes but since this works client-side it’s not a very nice solution.

    – I would also like to set background colours and images for all the layout elements (eg 1/1 columns, 1/2 columns, etc), as you can with colour sections. And classes too!


    To have testimonials run from a central hub. So you can enter a collection of testimonials and it displays them either in order or random in the testimonials widgets (in the Avia layout builder) all over your website.

    At the moment if you have more than one testimonials widget you have to enter more testimonials in different orders so clients don’t think you only have 5 :-)


    Add Ajax pop up full width PLEASE

    If possible something like this:


    icon list is cool but being able to specify an image like within the testimonial section would be much much cooler

    take a look at and see i’m using testimonial extensively to gain customisable icon support



    More slug options for portfolio items: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -category





    – Is it possible to add user credits to the system? Like this one

    – Add a calendar, like the calpress pro calendar plugin.



    When a visitor sends a message using the contact form, the default subject is “New Message (sent by contact form at ******)” in the mail. Is it possible to change this? I have a field called Subject in the contact form, when a visitor writes a subject of their mail I would like that to be shown instead of the default.



    @semel: Yes, you can change this. Edit framework > php > class-form-generator.php, find this code on line 544:

    $subject = empty($new_post['subject']) ? __("New Message", 'avia_framework') : $new_post['subject'];




    1. possible to set color sections (Layout Element) in a page with sidebar?

    2. Is it possible to make a new Element for the Avia Layout Builder to show a custom stick menu on a blank page (No Header / No Footer) template to scroll up and down with the id

    3. Yesterday i saw a other theme that included this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-wp/3725820

    Would be a great future :)

    Thank you so much


    One more

    Background Image for footer section will be great :)



    @chooseone: You can add an image background on footer. Go to Enfold > Styling > Footer > Background Image.




    Please add product thumbnails to search page results instead of the numbers.


    Masonry option in gallery section as there are some difficulties when adding vertical with horizontal images in the gallery

    Social share on portfolio, gallery and blog


    I want to combine certain portfolio items from different categories to display together. As I have lots of portfolio items, it would be really messy if I need to create a category for all the different combinations I am trying to achieve.

    An option within the shortcodes to choose posts and portfolio items by ID instead of categories would be nice. This would help me a lot and probably anybody with a heavy content site. I already posted this reqeuest in a comment and Kriesi mentioned the possibility of a developer option for this request . Hope this feature will be integrated in one of the next updates.


    Hi there,

    I don’t know if this is a feature request in a classic sense, but I will put here, as it seems most appropriate.

    Please make your classes extendable for further development. E.g declare properties in avia_post_slider as “protected” and not as “private”.

    Thanks a ton


    Edit by kriesi: nice catch. we will add that to the net update since its actually a no brainer ;)


    Would love to see option Icon List settings to make the icons: 1). clickable links, and 2). any color you choose (i.e., blue for twitter).


    This is more something for the forum. Maybe add another forum subject here for example like plugin solutions for people to explain a solution for a problem they have solved with a plugin.

    For example I have used fiftyfifty plugin which had a border display problem. I could post what plugin I used and what was done to solve the problem. At the moment you need to hunt through the support pages and sometimes people just say the solved it within the solution.

    Of course it would reply on people having enough time to write up the solution :-) but it would be the start of a place people could go to; first to see what plugins work with the theme and second to find out how to solved the problems some plugin bring up. It could also be somewhere where you can clearly state which plugins give the theme problems.

    Its not a support area more for users to help each other :-) You guys have enough work just dealing with theme problems :-)

    Best wishes



    I like it Chris! I’ve been trying to squeeze in the time to really re-do the support documentation, include a FAQ for plugin questions like yours (and include solutions when users find them) and on the site side Kriesi is working on doing a complete site and forums re-launch. He just needs to figure out how to not lose everything that has been posted up to this point :)

    Thanks once again to everyone for the great suggestions, requests and general feedback. Keep it coming :)




    Please add a Page Grid similar to the Post Grid. Also make sure that when a category is selected to display the grid, that the side of page navigation stays within that category


    Will be great:

    Change the numbers of the related posts in blog single posts with automatically change the size of the thumbs to fit the layout width.

    I prefer 3 related posts :)



    It would be nice if there was some additional flexibility in choosing the Font, Font Family, Weight, Size, etc, for the various headings. For example, I would like to set my H1 font to use a certain font size and weight. Same for H2, H3, body, etc. Some themes have this as part of the Admin area. Sure, it could be done in the css file, but seems like it should be part of the theme settings. It would be nice to be able to select different font styles for certain elements, like the new Content Slider. How about a new element that let’s you set text to any font and any style. Thanks.


    How about a Testimonial Slider like the one that is used in the Salient theme. That one is very nice in that it provides a slider that can be used on a color section background. I have a need to display quotes and author and not a picture. Thanks.


    I would like to see charts & graphs shortcodes like here

    or here

    Thanks in advance :)



    You can try: – I tested some charts with Enfold and they look pretty neat.




    How about addng a box to the theme settings page that allows me to add codesnippets to the footer? For example when I want to add an external Javascript now I need to use the Google Analytics box. That works but in many cases it would be better to have those external scripts on bottom and not on top of the page.


    Make the bbpress page editable using all the bbpress widget and be able to set the right column like other pages.


    In many cases the Logo will become very small when scrolling the page or in mobile (iPhone) view. So it would be great to have an option to add a second logo for smaller views.

    Look for an example at my site

    My logo consists of text and a graphical element (the little crown on top of the “i”). In smaller views I would only display a larger version of the crown instead of the full text logo which becomes hard to read.

    I hope it´s clear what I mean and I hope this option is interesting enough to find its way into enfold.


    – Michael

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