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    Unless you create a child theme and then apply your settings there. To quickly and easily create a child theme, I recommend the One-Click Child theme plugin. It hasn’t been updated in a while so there may be a newer, better one, but it has worked great for me.

    After that, you can copy the meta.php file into your child theme and make the edits there. This way, when you update the enfold theme, your changes will stay intact.


    The ability to add color BG to the 7 Columns Layout Elements just as the color section. That would be great.



    You don’t need a plugin. On Envato-Page for Enfold you can find a Downloadlink to a Childtheme that you can use with Enfold. Just scroll down to description. It’s not so hard to create one, but you’re right, it’s the best way to stay intact for updates, and the flexibility to manage things on the way you want it, grows a lot..


    Might be a good idea (if technically possible) to offer the ability to “Like” feature requests in this topic. This way it would allow us to “+1” requests from others that we would like as well and for you it would be easy to figure out what the most popular requests are.

    I’ve seen several requests that I would find very interesting as well, but I find it quite messy to just request that again (lack of overview).


    Enfold Feature-Request voting! As it is: Kriesi has developed just a thing for that – although it isn’t for sale anymore:

    Just what the doctor ordered :)


    Hey! Yes !!

    Feedback Box would be absolutely awesome !! Downloadlink is broken ? Any chance to purchase it anywhere or to integrate it in Enfold ?

    + fixed classes for Layout Builder and Widget-Areas


    Smooth mouse wheel scrolling like this one:
    This is especially useful when using the parallax effect


    What’s about integration of a image slide-style like portfolio.js?
    The benefit of this gallery type is that all the images can be scrolled horizontal no matter if the picture was taken in portrait orientation or landscape format. Photographers often take their pictures in a narrow portrait format.

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    I agree with someone else’s post in support that it would be nice to have checkboxes for some options on embedded YouTube videos — especially “hide related videos.”

    Love this theme!


    I know it’s been requested before but having multiple portfolios would be really useful.



    You can create multiple portfolios. Just insert the “portfolio element” into a page and select the categories you want to display. You can add several portfolio elements to the same page or to different pages and select different categories for each portfolio element.



    Hi guys,
    Please add GitHub social icon at the header please for coders like me!!!
    Thank you.

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    Any chance in the next update you could include EventOn as an element in the Advanced Layout Editor?


    I would love to see a sold badge. I would like it to show up on the shop page (product archive pages) as well as the individual product page.


    The ability to add a “like” / “love” button to portfolio items.

    For example plugin Zilla-Likes, this works perfectly well with everything apart from portfolio items.

    An example can be found here: – this is showing the like/love button incorporated into the portfolio section.


    The ability to add a “like” / “love” button to portfolio items.

    For example plugin Zilla-Likes, this works perfectly well with everything apart from portfolio items.

    An example can be found here: – this is showing the like/love button incorporated into the portfolio section.



    Would love to have a php block content element :-)

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    I have noticed a compatibility problem with MailChimp for WordPress Lite plugin. Indeed, I am not able to edit the homepage of my website if I don’t deactivate the plugin (even with the last updates of the plugin). Can you help on that matter?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Mason Gallery other than full width
    2. Option to load more pictures in masonry just by scrolling down (without having to click a load more button or page button)



    Schema control

    If you folks can add actual Schema control to elements via Avia Builder that would be brilliant
    Also as you are already injecting <span>s everywhere it has to be beyond simple

    …and usable to all beyond what they realize.


    Hello –
    Can you please add a menu layout that is the same as “Non Fixed Header w/Social Icons and Additional Navigation” except instead of having it display to the right of the header area logo, have it span full width just below the header area?

    I am using Ubermenu within Enfold and having too many items in the Primary Navigation Menu causes the logo to be always small when viewing on a tablet device (iPad in this case).

    Screenshot Example of Issue:

    Thank you!!


    I would like to see…

    Raw HTML   &   Raw JS

    These could be either standalone content elements, or custom editors within content elements.

    The wordpress Text tab allows only limited tags, and sometimes makes its own modifications to my code.
    Raw HTML would preserve the exact code I enter.


    as I can keep my settings as colors, logo, etc.

    -Theme Setting Import + Export


    Please make Quick CSS its on tab

    The current size is most unusable


    Please make Quick CSS its own tab

    The current size is most unusable


    I know it’s been mentioned before, but right now my #1 request would be Mailchimp support for the contact forms.

    The standard mailchimp form designer is hopeless and it’s a pain integrating Mailchimp forms to look good at the moment.


    I’m not even sure if this is a good idea because of potential downsides, but I may have a suggestion to improve the mega menu editing interface. It’s probably one of the least important things possible to worry about, but hey, might as well post it.

    I actually think what you have now is really great and very functional, but it’s a little odd from a UX standpoint. You can tell it’s engineered to get around WordPress’ limitations (which is not your fault of course). Check a box to make a mega menu, and suddenly pages or custom links turn into columns. Drag them in a level deeper, and they’re pages and custom links again. Check another box, and now the description is a thing you can use to put custom content in. Not bad, just kind of weird.

    Some months ago, a little-known plugin was released called Big Voodoo Mega Menu & Related Links Menu. While it falls flat in its front-end implementation, the back-end is pretty good. Here’s a look at it. Columns and what Enfold calls text blocks are their own separate elements, with their own properties, and I think it works well.

    Downsides vs. the current Enfold way are:

    • It’s not as easy to link to a page from a column heading (since you can’t just make a page also a column with this method)
    • Pages and text blocks can be on the same level as columns, which would be layout chaos
    • There’s nothing stopping you from making a column or text block a top level item, which would also be layout chaos.

    But maybe there’s a clever way to solve those issues, like still doing the “page becomes a column” thing if a user is absolutely insisting, and a JavaScript check to keep columns inside the second level and text blocks inside the third level (although what do you do about adding them to the menu initially?). And, on the other hand, maybe it’s not a big deal, and users will use the tools as intended.

    Anyway, I think it’s more intuitive, but a lot easier to break, so I’m not sure if it’s a useful suggestion. I’ll let you decide.


    Why not an optional authorbox under posts, like in the “Habitat” theme (with a enfold-type modern style) ?

    Also, in the last updates, there was some microdata implementations, but the theme is still not exactly matching the google authoship rules.

    Thanks for this great theme ;)

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