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    I would like to have numbers for the iconbox as icons. Makes sense to have boxes that explain like steps from e.g. 1 – 3. Also the iconbox title linkable would be great.


    A datepicker in the otherwise nice form is definitely missing. I’m forced to use an external form now.


    I’d like to have another option added to the header type:

    Fixed Header with Social Icons and Bottom Navigation

    I agree would be nice to have this option also but also:

    Fixed Header with Social Icons (along top with second navigation) and Bottom Navigation


    Would be nice as a image gallery?


    I found out that the blog style you choose applies to both the page where you display the blog and for single post. Why does it has to be like that? I would like to have the option to select individual style for the page and for single post. E.g. have Grid style for the page, but Single author big image preview.

    I know I can create a page and shortcuts to choose the style I want (and of course not select the page in “Where you want to display your blog”), but when doing this the breadcumb is not showing the right title, and the layout is not looking good either.

    Can you please add this function in the next update? Thanks!

    And would love to have the opportunity to have link in tables.


    I would like to see the feature of being able to re-arrange the table data in the pricing/regular table editor like just in the regular editor.

    I made a complete table but forgot one line and had to re-create the whole table to add the line.

    The ability to move a column left or right or a row up and down. The only option right now is X to delete.


    Another addition that would be cool would be a specialty page for a site map.


    I’d throw my hat in for colintate:

    Can’t go with this…

    When you create separate categories under a portfolio, pagination includes all categories instead of the category you are currently in.


    Maybe someone has already requested, but I really need a YouTube icon. Please!


    I would really like to have this feature in avia layout builder:

    – option to include Page post type in post slider (for instance: display all child Pages’ (of single parent page) featured images and titles.)


    at the moment for the blank pages we have one option: 1.) Blank – No Header, no Footer

    if we can add 2 more options:

    2.) Blank – No Header

    3.) Blank – No Footer


    thx jasmine :)


    Hi Team,

    – request to make images automatically the same size under Blog Grid Layout regardless of the size uploaded

    – another request for Event Calendar (its already on the list that Nick compiled)




    * we would love to have a Parallax feature




    More flexible Icon-Box – means:

    1. allow the additional use of custom icons

    2. more styling options (background, font size ect…)


    What I would find particularly handy is being able to switch between the advanced layout editor and the standard editor. Now pages made with the advanced editor show up as blank in the standard editor. Perhaps it is a bug, I’m guessing the shortcodes should be displayed.


    I would like the contact form to be compatible. zendesk is a support system that many business use.


    To add Advanced Layout Editor To Posts or Custom Post Types please watch video here (easy instructions) –

    To be able to switch between the advanced layout editor and the standard editor without having content set with the advanced editor show up as blank in the standard editor see code here ->


    This is just a beautiful theme. Can’t pout it down!

    My only two requests would be AJAX portfolio like Choices has (needs to scroll to a consistent top margin position when opening, like Choices does) and masonry grid for the blog… and for portfolio?

    I also don’t see any correction/mandatory fields being noted in the contact form… but I haven’t really played with it yet…

    Thanks guys!



    have to agree with the others: really an outstanding theme with tons of possibilities i am still figuring out to use wisely ;-)

    Since the 1200px layout is available, Enfold got even better. but i was wondering if it possible, to get a moving sidebar, for some of my pages on getting very long and therefore harder to navigate if you have not the submenu/ sidebar at hand. This would be an awesome feature.

    Keep up that great work,



    –– Feature Request: Disable breadcrumbs, not the entire header ––


    in the WP post/page editor, you can currently use the “Header Settings” under “Layout” to either enable or disable the header incl. the breadcrumbs.

    Please add an option to “Display the Header, don’t display the Breadcrumb Navigation”.




    I second the request from melonmelon:

    More flexible Icon-Box – means:

    1. allow the additional use of custom icons

    2. more styling options (background, font size ect…)


    I’m going to copy and paste what another member wrote:

    More flexible Icon-Box – means:

    1. allow the additional use of custom icons

    2. more styling options (background, font size ect…)


    Posts: the ability to have the featured image used in the post-listing but hide it in the single-post view.

    Layout Builder: Why can’t we have access to the full shortcode editor inside text elements?

    Layout Builder: The ability to remove padding/margins from page elements


    Simple request: I love the option for sidebar navigation (for nested subpages) but in a site with lot’s of pages (and nested pages) that link across one another, it can get confusing. To aid the user in navigation please can you add the name of the parent page as a header to the nested subpage navigation?


    I would like to submit a feature request for the mega menu. Instead of checking the column for it to create a new row, I would like to see an option called ‘New Menu Header’, which doesn’t automatically create a new column. So this will let me place two or more column headings right under each other, provided their is a suitable amount of space underneath each heading.


    We also would like to see site map


    ould like to have ability to move/re-arrange raws in a table within advanced layout editor. Now if i miss a raw with data have to delete all raws and recreate in “correct” order :(


    Hi there,

    I’d like to see implemented in the Enfold theme:

    1) LOGO GRID – A dedicated clients logo grid with an effect on logo (either mono to colour or highlight effect) plus links to other pages or URL

    2) THEME SAVE SLOTS – In ‘theme options styling’, it would be good to have several ‘save’ styling boxes so that we could save different color layouts and switch between them to try out different color combinations

    3) SLIDERS – Ability to swap out the existing slider with others like Revolution Slider and have them sit on the home page correctly

    4) PORTFOLIO – BIG interest in seeing AJAX PORTFOLIO so that we can view portfolio subjects without going to the actual portfolio section

    5) BLOG – Can we see a Blog Timeline effects (See Pirenko’s themes like TWISTED) & Classic (colored) date box next to Blog entries


    I would like to see this Controls in Sliders:

    Back/ play/ pause/ forward





    Thanks for all the suggestions :)

    Lots of good ideas so far!


    Built in:


    Social Media Widget

    Mega Menu with ability to put in html/multimedia <<Edit by Devin: This is possible inside the third level menu item if you set it as a text block. As well as inside description boxes for the 2nd level items>>

    Facebook OG/app id/aiblity to modify metadata


    Ajax Sidebar navigation


    SVG support.

    Sensei support

    a Centered Logo header option

    ability to alter the top header background to anything


    Full google web font support by heading level (with ability to choose which font weight is used)


    just looked over the request list, I’d like to add myself to many of those, should I list them out?

    Nick Wrote: To show support for a particular feature, please let Kriesi know by posting
    that you also want particular feature(s) asked for in earlier posts or suggest something new.
    In an effort to keep this thread from becoming too long (and thereby useless for the reader)
    we concatenate multiple posts from the same name into a single post (one below the other),
    so nothing is discarded.


    Would like to see Instagram social icon at the top of the page.


    hi, i like the archive-timeline in the template of – is it possible to make this in enfold the same? unfortunately there are no options for the archive and its shown only in tabs, which is cool but not really what i intend


    Hi, I like to have a grey-overlay effect on portfolio grid items. Like in the Eunoia theme. Thanks!


    Hello, I have recently learned that all code modifications that are made do better adapt the theme for our needs will be completely lost with each theme update, so it is advised to make code modifications in the Child theme CSS document. Creation of which starts to be too complecated. I saw some theme developpers provide it.

    – please add the Child theme file (with the brief explication how to complete it in case ex: activate social icons in the lightbox)

    Edit By Devin: I did a short video on how to create your own and Kriesi included the child theme as a download in a comment to the video here:


    I would also like Audio format support in Enfold (ala Incarnation)

    Edit by Nick: You can use this meanwhile


    So I drop also a few notes… :)

    1. Avia Builder – More editor comfort

    Include an option or function to make the elements at the top “sticky”. Maybe a small pin icon to fix it manually for the customer or by checking the scroll event when editing a post/page/cpt. Other form elements needs to be handled so the builder is always on top. Pages mostly do get very long and you have to scroll a lot at this point.

    Short video of the idea:

    2. Avia Builder – Debug features

    Add a button (maybe beside the template button) to activate the debug field. Right beneath the field a memory allocated info could be added. This would save you guys alot of support requests… :)

    3. Avia Builder – Copy/Paste

    Add another Button to the builder wich enables copying of the whole post/page/cpt-layout so the shortcodes and content can be copied to a new post or a different site. Should be only a few lines of JS.

    4. Avia Framework Options

    Please extend the options provided. As mentioned from other users before, there are several things just missing, which could be easily added (like Google fonts, etc.). Additionally, I would like to have:

    – some input fields to trim certain CSS aspects (margins, paddings, maybe also top and left settings)

    – wpautop enable/disable

    – Blog settings (more settings related to the blog page itself outside of builder)

    – Adding text-shadows and MAYBE box-shadows as option (simple input field with rgba color picker)

    – Font size settings (bodytext plus all headers)

    Should be enough for now :)


    the tab and accordion modules are too restrictive … i would love to embed any other module inside them.

    tabs and accordion with icon list, team member info, images, video, progress bar etc etc

    i would love to be able to set the menu and mega menu font size.

    i would love parallax background option which can be defined for each page

    Nick Edit: You can stack other shortcodes inside tab or accordion.
    You would first need to enter debug mode in /config-templatebuilder/config.php line 45
    (as explained in the lines above it). and then you would just paste
    the shortcode for whatever you need inside the shortcode for tabs
    for example this is 2 easy sliders, one inside each tab, and tab
    inside a single column:

    [av_one_full first]
    [av_tab_container position='top_tab' boxed='border_tabs' initial='1']
    [av_tab title='Tab 1' icon_select='no' icon='1']
    [av_slideshow size='no scaling' animation='slide' autoplay='true' interval='5']
    [av_slide id='51']
    [av_slide id='52']
    [av_tab title='Tab 2' icon_select='no' icon='1']
    [av_slideshow size='no scaling' animation='slide' autoplay='true' interval='5']
    [av_slide id='53']
    [av_slide id='54']

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