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    A very simple & easy one:

    Allow to enable mobile navigation on desktop! Like SquareSpace does



    Some suggestions/requests I’ve thinking about while working with an already great theme:

    – Pages transitions would do for a better, nicer ux!

    – Also the possibility to add “sandwich” (3 lines) icon to the menu, that when clicked it opens a mobile-like side menu.

    – Audio controls and custom video control for fullscreen slider and color sections. (youtube controls look horrific in the fullscreen slider)

    – More options for embedding youtube videos (hiding controls, change player color, etc)

    – Fullwidth images (like in color section but respecting the height of the image, not cropping it)

    – More column width options like 1/6, 2/5, 3/5 etc

    – Floating menu: ability to place it wherever in the page, and when it gets to the top, it stays there fixed.

    – Bug fix: horizontal ruler set in blank space, 0 px, it actually creates a blank space when I guess it should not. Also negative blank space is not working for me.

    – Bug fix: Icon list: I want an icon list with only titles (no subtitles, or any other text) and I can’t work it out ;( For the moment I had to write some text and set it the same color as the background so nobody can see it. (you can check it live at

    – An element just like the actual “fullwidth masonry” with the option to make just as wide as the 1/1 column.

    That’s all for the moment ;)


    … and calendar! Something like Google Calendar, but in Enfold design :-)


    get slider focused or selected to allow the alternative keybard (arrow-keys) navigation direktly after loading a page.


    Transparent option for color sections.


    Blog Post Element – Blog Style
    Current options include:

    • Grid Layout
    • Single Author, small preview pic
    • Single Author, big preview pic
    • Multi-Author, with gravatar

    I would love either a secondary option or another style that allows the preview pic to be left of excerpt or title when looking at the blog role.
    It would be similar to Single Author, small preview pic, except the preview pic would be left of the excerpt and title rather than above.

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    I noticed with the update of the video background in the color section, a nice preloader is implemented there.
    Could this preloader also be used for the background images in the color section and let these background images also fade in please.
    Now most content comes in nicely with a short fade in, but when I use background images (who are usually quite heavy) they just plop in, which destructs a bit the nice flow of fading in elements throughout the theme.

    Thanks for considering. (A small add I think, but great value ;)


    Hey Guys!

    Since this thread is growing too big to keep track of all the requests I have decided to try to use our feedback box again. You can submit new ideas and vote on existing ones here now:


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