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    Lots of great ideas! Thanks for all the ideas everyone I know Kriesi is actively reading the topic and adding things as he is able so keep it up :)




    Hi Kriesi,

    Working with the enfold theme is great – and certainly the best theme I have ever worked on – would really like to see a youtube icon though in the social icons in the header and social icon sharing in the blog as standard please.




    User Requested:

    Add support for shortcodes to be used within the LayerSlider


    Add the ability to change the URL that uses #tab-id. Using the #tab-id in the URL is not user friendly or SEO friendly for that matter. Please consider an option to the tab element where we can add our own tab name? This is a show-stopper for us as the tab-id does not identify the actual content of the page, especially for SEO. Thanks.


    User Requested:

    A no-icon option for the icon box so that you can get the icon box background and effect but not have an actual icon


    I would really, really like to see the ability to change font size and weight for headings and text without having to go find the CSS (as part of the admin theme setup area, maybe). I’m not fabulous with CSS, and I’m always afraid I’m messing with the wrong piece of it… I’ve used other themes with this ability, and I’d LOVE to see it with this theme because this theme is so amazing!



    Hi Kriesi,

    Awesome theme! I really enjoy building with it.

    I would like to have the option to set the color section to a specific width (1/2, 1/3 etc..) So it is possible to use two color sections beside each other.


    Would like to be have the ability to insert a row or column in the middle of an existing table in the advanced editor. At present it only adds to the end.


    My Wish List :

    1. Nestable Components : Place Tabs inside an Accordion or Tabs inside a Tab, & have each styled separately.
    2. Content Element – Code/Class Wrapper : Add a class or ID to any particular area of the page builder
    3. Search Icon : Optionally move next to Social Media Icons.
    4. Custom Icons : Easy way to add own SVG/PNG icon to Entypo.
    5. Tab / Accordion Builder Improvements :

      1. Add “+10” which opens 10 stacked input fields you can quickly tab through for setup.
      2. Import text or csv file (great for huge FAQs)
      3. Advanced Page Builder / Editor available within the Tab / Accordion interface
      4. Shortcodes available for each Accordion / Tabs
      5. Clone individual components (Tabs / Accordions) from one page to another
      6. Save & set custom style presets dropdown
      7. Animated and more tab positioning options, similar to which also happens to be nestable :)

    6. Menu :

      1. Adjust opacity of menu background to be able to see content as it scrolls up
      2. Toggle and/or adjust resizing/squashing of menu size when scrolling up

    7. Support Forum : Taggable voting mechanism – with thumbs up/down and counter for feature requests.


    Wishlist for Advance LayerSlider WP

    – To the right or left of the button enter / exit preview. An ms slider button or indicator on the ms or the ability to pause the animation.

    This is useful especially if you have a lot of layers and you want to allign them ( aside from using options )

    – Improve moving the layers. Number 1 Layer should be the top layer or the one that is first visible. If you have multiple layers the bottom layer stacks / shows first than layer 1 . Just like in photoshop and other editing programs , the top layer is first visible.

    – Layer slider transitions are like 100 transitions in total and a lot of good ones too. How about adding some of them to the layer objects transition ? It would be nice to add like 5 – 10 more transitions to add to the slide in and fade effects.


    Added social icon for and added option to make social icons not to be fixed, only the header is fixed.


    Not actually a feature but improvement on

    All widget with Icon ‘Upload your own custom Icon’?

    Enfold Price table


    my suggestions for theme improvement :

    1. support of wp envato kit – for easy theme updates

    2. an easy way to change the default circle+arrow hover effect on portfolio/blog thumbs ? (change shape/icon would be just awesome !!!)

    3. load from admin panel custom fonts (espec. for your international multi-lingual clients)

    4. load from admin panel any google font w/subset selection (eg. cyrillic, greek etc)

    5. change image thumbs sizes from admin panel (and not editing php files)

    6. sticky header of page builder so it stays viewable in long pages when scrolling down

    7. more options in theme panel for styling (font sizes, shortcodes/builder elements colors etc)

    8. ability to create new styles (w/o overwriting existing ones)

    9. import/export all theme options (incl. styles)

    thx for your great work!


    I have to totally agree with DigitalMedia. The blog styling could really use some improvements. Probably the only area in theme that I’m not crazy about. Perhaps the upcoming magazine style will help and possibly masonry style. And it would be nice to have an author block. Not sure why this isn’t included.

    Outside of that, my only dislike in the theme is the lack of Load More function for portfolio and blog. This is so required in modern themes and should be provided as an option, instead of pagination. This really affects sorting in a portfolio. Hope this will be considered. Thanks.


    Hi Guys,

    My first request would be a masonry layout for the gallery and blog.

    I’m very happy with the theme so far!


    I’d like to chip in my vote for the following:

    1) Support for the “read more” markup in pages (not just posts)

    2) A secondary horizontal custom menu for sub-content that we don’t want in the main top menu or its dropdowns.

    3) Advanced layer slider needs to be more responsive. This might not be Kriesi’s responsibility, but it’s a huge selling feature of the theme that drew me to purchase it. The slider’s WYSIWYG editor doesn’t quite reflect “real life” as the layouts in Chrome and FireFox seems to be “hit-and-miss” needing us to manually move slide layer elements around and hope they’re in the right spot on our visitors’ screens. The responsive elements should follow what Liquid Slider had done where instead of shrinking down to a postage-stamp size, it would rearrange or vanish accordingly.


    Request – Remove default > please put text here in the text area in the icon box.

    I like the iconbox but when you just want to use for example the icon + title and not use the text area beneath it. The text > please put text here keeps appearing even if i delete it ( this happens when I change the icon symbol )


    based on that site joe88 mentioned > go to partners we work with > logos , and you see the logos rotating. Is this possible in enfold using the sliders or a free plugin that can do this ?


    The contact form builder gives very small possibilities.

    For example, I need a page here people can select a date to ask for an appointement. With the contact form builder, it’s impossible to achieve.

    You should add a “date” element. Two possibilities :

    – A text input which is valid only when people type DD/MM/YYY (or MM/DD/YYYY according to the locale) and a little calendar next to it so they can select the day and it fills the input

    – A two-chars number input, a dropdown list and another 4-char input.

    Right now, we can put only two elements in front of each other, but not 3, and thats kind of a problem to do that.


    Before and After image effect like the link below.

    Great for showing image retouching


    Also love to have ‘Load More’ with portfolios and blogs :-)


    Mail chimp signup would be great. I see its already on the feature to come list but I vote for MailChimp :-)


    To add revolution slider as another option.


    It would be great if you added a shortcode for social sharing, like that I made here:

    But, If you will make it, please add the icon of – vkontakte (have a on fontello)


    Hello, This is by far the best theme I’ve ever build on!

    I would love to be able to select more social icons for the header. Specially; Foursquare, LinkedIn, YouTube and TripAdvisor.

    I’ve seen other users changing them on their own so if there could be a video tutorial on how to do this using for newbies like me, that would be awesome. Thank you!


    Hi Kriesi, in one word: “awesome”! It’s really fun to work with Enfold. Thanks for making it so flexible and easy to use!

    Here’s my “whishlist” so far :-)

    1. More Header and Top bar options to choose, e.g. centered Logo, right Logo, Tagline etc.

    2. Add Page Builder to Product Pages.

    3. Add social sharing elements to Product Pages and Blog Elements.

    4. Option to choose a fixed “cart” within the Header / add cart somewhere to Header. Would be essential if Enfold is used for ecommerce sites.

    Sometimes wishes might come true ;-) Thanks al lot!


    Align title and excerpt to the top right of the image with a short separator centered after each blog post excerpt

    I played around in Photoshop to show you what it would look like.. If I could tweak it myself I would

    Kisses Kriese Love love your Template by far the prettiest out there


    User requested:

    Set default template for portfolio categories in the same way the blog gets set in the theme options.


    I’ve just started building a few sites and some things that i require would be

    1. Custom Post Types, the ability to pull from different post types, and taxonomy using Layout Editor

    2. Nested Layout options, have a 1/3 & 3/3 inside a 1/2 if you want to have an image aligned left (i know it can be done using text field, but this way would be much easier for my clients)

    3. Ability to add a custom class or ID to each element in the layout builder

    Also, 4. When i press enter on my keyboard it exits out of the editor, can we somehow map that to the save button in the editor?


    Please provide a fix for adding in a custom tab names, for displaying in the URL, instead of the default #tab-id-x. This is problematic for SEO and not very user friendly when sending out page links. This is a real issue for our site, which uses the left side tab view. Thanks.

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