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    Add one more person for:

    Post/Page Layout – integrate a javascript timeline component, such as the one from VeriteCo.


    Can you please consider adding some flexibility to the breadcrumbs location. It would be awesome if the breadcrumbs were a short-code and I could insert them to my own area on the page. Right now, the current location is not good, since I’m using my own header image and my users prefer to have them above the article title. By the way, thanks for all the updates. Can’t wait for the masonry blog layout. Thanks.


    I’m surprised there isn’t a twitter feed widget in Enfold, am I missing something? Seems like you could just copy it over from the other themes?


    The EXPORT of the THEME OPTIONS would be great.

    For example, if you would like to have the same settings for the theme’s options as a basis for another WordPress installation with ENFOLD, or just for a backup in case your WP crashes ;-)



    Colored Section Fixed Image to have parallax behavior like the slider in your demo.

    It’s a bit easier to drag and drop content in the same page layout builder for quick page building, when more features from the advanced slider aren’t needed.


    Events Calendar would be great


    A masonry grid layout for posts would be nice.


    For the masonry blog offset layout, can you please consider some flexibility in the image sizes. Would be great to display different size landscape and portrait images. Would also be nice if each post had box-shadow option (like pinterest), kind of like the portfolio items. Current grid layout looks plain and not really like a magazine style. Thanks!


    User requested:

    A way to display the whole pictures without cropping or resizing to the circle shape? Maybe change the shape form?

    And it would be nice to be able to slide manually through a 1 or 3 column testimonal element.


    Can you please add support for the Nextgen plugin? Organizing the web site images using the default WP date is horrible. Being able to use custom folders would be great and even better if Enfold provided some integration points with NextGen. Thanks.



    I wish it were possible to choose 1 column and 5 columns for the portfolio grid..


    Definitely want to see Video supported in AJAX portfolio like in Eunoia and Angular!


    Love the theme! One option I’ve seen in a Avada and Udesign is a one column portfolio page. That would be very helpful on several projects I have planned.

    Thank you


    So many great ideas! Keep them coming as I think Kriesi is even *still* looking to add more features in :)




    Requested in another topic:

    A search field that appears in the header on mobile devices




    2/5, 3/5 and 4/5 layout elements would be very very useful.


    It would be nice to have an option for the accordion to automatically sort all items in alphabetic order (e.g. for a glossary).


    Love the Theme but here are some of my wishlist items for it:

    1) Add the Avia Feedback Box on Choices to Enfold

    2) Fix issue with Pricing Table noted here:

    3) Add a FAQ custom post type and integrate it with the accordion and testimonial content. So we can just select the FAQ category and maintain from there (not have to edit page each time). Like the Q&A plugin but better styling with the Theme.

    4) Add color style to the accordion + (I’m sure I can do it with custom CSS .. at least I hope so but it would be nice to make it easier). Want to make the + stand out more.

    5) Have the color section work on pages that are not full width.

    6) Ability to add a button in header.

    7) Add a text block type selection that will allow to enter any html or css without adding the <p> around items.

    8) Ability to format the datagrid cell/row settings

    9) More font icons and ability to add more (I did see there is a post about how to do add but wish it came with a longer list)

    Anyway, really nice job (much better than the last Theme I used and gave up on).



    Hey Kriesi,

    ENFOLD is a nice a flexable theme!

    What I am missing is a COLLAPSIBLE MENU in MOBILE MODE – so that in initial mode only the 1st level is visible and not all menu items.


    – 1st Level

    – 1st Level

    – – – 2nd Level (not visible)

    – – – 2nd Level (not visible)

    – 1st Level

    – 1st Level

    Please add this to one of the next updates.

    Thanks, Tom


    +1 to : 6) Ability to add a button in header. Thanks a lot.


    Add Xing to Social media icon list.

    I can’s find it on the accepted list, but Kriesi annpounced already here:

    When is it coming?



    I would like a layerslider that is NOT fullwidth so I can put a layerslider beside a sidebar.


    Feature Request:

    1. Centered Logo with Navi Menu items on left and right side.


    Flexibility of controlling margins or spacing between EACH SET of H1 H2 H3 H4 headings and control of spacing between divider breaks.


    I would love to see the layout builder on the tabs content editor too!

    Desperately needed some many of the elements in the tab contents.


    Would really appreciate being able to chose between Posts and Pages. One of the themes I bought from you (Newscast) does not currently allow this or a custom HP as others do, and it’s frustrating having to use posts instead of pages.

    Cheers and thanks for all the great work




    I love the contact form option from the layout builder/shortcodes.

    It actually removes the need for a plugin, and most form plugins I simply dislike because of their complex nature for something fairly simple.

    2 things lack there in my opininion, to make it a nice full featured form:

    a. datepicker (something often needed, eg reservation forms)

    b. insert a title/explanation/space/textline whatever in between the input fields…especially useful for longer forms

    Now I tried with inserting text in between the shortcodes, but it gets stripped away.

    Now this contact form is like 95% ok, but often the client asks a small extra which in’t possible and then I’m forced to leave this one behind. I believe it would be useful for all your templates since I believe you will reuse the avia builder for new themes.

    Thanks for reading



    Woocommerce integration please

    Edit by Devin: This was added in about 2 weeks after the first release of the theme


    Definitely vote for Mailchimp (if its either or vs. Constant contact)

    I would like to see more CSS options for displaying portfolio items in grid…



    Definitely vote for Campaign Monitor ;)




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